Percentage of DNA in common?

One often hears of statements like ‘chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with Homo sapiens’.

What are the true figures? Both ways! (‘What percentage of Homo sapiens is shared with chimpanzees’?')

Do any figures exist for ‘tomatoes and Homo sapiens’?

What are the more surprising results? What are the lowest cross-species figures encountered?

Not a single reply?!

the figure they give is, 99.4 % DNA. this is the most recent research paper i could find comparing the two. if genetic studies dont do it, i dont know what else wil prove it. if you find a more recent research paper with different numbers, please enlighten me. cant answer any more questions have school now.

both ways? if they are sharing… i think thatit means it is 99.4% both ways…

Thanks. Interesting paper.

Both ways? Well, no, not necessarily the same figure.

If Man has genes ABCD, and Ape has genes ABDEF, then man has 3/4 (=75%) in common with Ape, and Ape has 3/5 (=60%).

the seperation occured such little time ago (relatively speaking)
i don’t think it’ll be a very relevant difference
but your reasoning is correct, otherwise, noel

i was assuming they had the same amount of DNA, but i dont know the true facts.

im pretty sure we share alot of DNA with Tomatoes. ← not tomatoes, but still.