Perhaps the Chinese army has landed on Australian shores...

…and perhaps the Australian army has declined to send them decadence. We aint no dodgy little poofters thank you very much.

The Holy Australia Land must resist these invaders, or themselves become Invaded and subjected by the Mongolian Hordes. O:)

Gray Bless You. :sci-fi-grayalien:

You know I bet if the Indians or Pakistanis had tried to invade us they would have only sent like 100,000 men and we wouldn’t have had to waste so much good plutonium. The Indonesians on the other hand…

ps in case anyone’s interested, we still have the world’s biggest supply of good plutonium. :wink:

There were reports two months ago that four infantry brigades equaling 10,000 soldiers were coptered in via helicopters into Assam- was going wild with reports of chinese dismantling the bunker system there while the central indian government did nothing. Then the reports fell silent.

However, the Chinese military, we need to remember was downgraded from 11 military sectors to 7, with both air assault and airborne infantry mixes like in the west- in order to deploy that much from a military sector immediately across the border would of meant a mass troop movement within China to cover the area those troops left behind, opening up voids within china. It has nothing to fear from china, but the secondary effects would of resulted in Uighur and Turk destabilization as soon as they realized the troops were leaving unless THEY too had more mobilization.

The chinese also use standard models of heavy mech with light infantry, along with a assortment of tanks and artillery- nothing fancy- and mostly useless in Assam unless you have overwhelming air power given the ease of the Indian government’s airforce to harass the roads leading in- the indians don’t need air dominance, just selective air nuisance to permanently fuck the chinese over.

Given the chinese came in via the air, I doubt they are planning on staying- but I suspect they are fully expecting a return visit every now and again to lay a claim for a future conflict that this area was theirs all along.

India’s military is controlled by a 5 star Air Marshall modeled of the western model, 5 star being only one at a time and in complete control over all aspects of the whole of the military. He would automatically outrank any US General for example, in any coalition operation with India and the US if one was to be patched together.

Indians are not occupying australia, nor are chinese. It’s Americans. In Alice Springs and now in Darwin, and sometimes Brisbane, as well as my ex wife.

And Nigeria has the largest supply of Plutonium.