Recently the strange feeling has spreaded in me :frowning: . The mind and the heart - they isolate each other. that is a terrible sensation. I speak and I think what other but I’m not cheating people. I think that is the perplexity of my soul. When you are feel like this you don’t know who you are, indeed. I wonder when I am myself really- when the heart feels or when the mind analyses. I have gotten lost in this and I can’t get out. I must write some poem or something of the kind because the desolation will spread in me (but not in English at first I must get into one’s stride and polish my English). The writing is like a “catharsis” for me.

Have a nice day :wink:

I can’t get what you mean… why do the mind and the heart isolate each other? They can match each other and I don’t find it necessary to isolate someone from you. Also, how could your honestly be perplexity - you should be proud that you talk always truth, most of the people can’t live this way.

Hi Martha

I’m not sure if I understand you but I believe you are referring to something I have also experienced and read described by St.Paul. He speaks also of this perplexity.

I see this in myself. My mind or thought can understand one thing but my emotions see it differently.

If this is what you mean, the best thing to do as I’ve grown to understand it, is not to deny it but openly admit it to yourself. When you openly affirm these things it is like a light of attention shining on the darkness. This willingness to affirm or inwardly see the situation causing this perplexity without thinking if it is right or wrong is real contemplation and when sincere, invites a higher understanding to help with this perplexity.

Then, as you are going about the business of your daily life, you’ll have something to help with being real rather than just acting one way or another.

Nick A: I agree with it what you write and thanks for your advice. :wink:


There really isn’t any way to abstract thinking and feeling away from one another. You may allow one to become dominate and suppress the other, but that is the uncomfortableness you speak of. Start with your feelings and ask the mind to consider what is appropriate in this situation? Then act on that. After all the language, the concepts, the intellectualizing, we still know right from wrong. Let your heart and mind work together to guide you.


(I am not make sure completely what you mean I still improve my English langauge , but I will try to reply to your post.)
Maybe you are right:
At first I ought to admit to myself what is a condition of my mind and deliberate what I can to do one way or the other. However, what is wrong with the concepts, intellectualizing? I think I must writing. It is better than smoking, drinking alcohol and another stupid addictions.
A human being’s nature is very complicated all we know that. Although I understand it too that feeling rends a soul. I suppose that is the problem which makes me confused. The eternal problem of mankind.