Personality Test - Are all Philosophers the same?

Just curious. We could argue the validity of these things but I for one would love to see if we share some common personality traits. So take it if you want and post your results. As far as I know I am the only person alive to ever fail this test. At least that’s what my ex-wife told me. :-$ Click Typology Test and the DO IT.

I am an INTJ.


i usually get INTJ, this time i got INTP

Without doing the test: INTP. By the way, I subscribe to Keirsey rather than to Myers-Briggs, Jung, Socionics, etc.


So far its just what I was afraid of. :shifty: My “intuition” tells me that we will not get a cross section of personalities on this site. Probably to early for me to examine the data and make some observations. But I can’t help myself. I’ll call them predictions though. (I’m just trying to beat the rest of you to the same conclusions) This site is really a sad social network for aliens. I call us aliens because we spend a great deal of time observing and confused by the behavior of the more numerous “humans”. I have nothing against humans by the way. I was married to one. 8-[ Odd that it didn’t work out. Show of hands who is Socially Awkward? Ok we’ve diagnosed the problem. How do we fix it?


If you judge people’s personallity on just mere 4 letters, I understand your X :-$

I do have a tendency to try and (over)simplify and quantify things. But I’m not suggesting that these tests tell the whole the story but they do say something about us. I may have inadvertantly insulted you by lumping you in with me. I was actually just joking around. And believe me you do not understand my X.

“Your Type is
Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving
Strength of the preferences %
100 50 50 22”

Naaaw, it’s me who’s the stupid prick, and I appologize.


INFJ But I read the description of the person with these traits and I think I must be lying.


Makes me a healer apparently.
Prepare to be healed by my philosophy…

INTJ again. Same for the other tests available at other sites.

INTJ, which is what I usually get from these tests – occasionally I’ll get INTP

Eh, I hate the yes/no business. There should be more graduations. I suppose that makes me anal. er.

Analytic Nostalgic Ambitious lively personality type.

Gradations? Yes, these kinds of tests have lots of shortcomings. The most prominent question in my mind is how accurate are people when evaluating themselves?



Introverted: 56%

Intuitive: 40%

Thinking: 62%

Judging: 100%

I’ve gotten ISTJ before, I think, but I usually get INTJ.

All Ns so far, and mostly Is, then Ts. A predominance of Ns was to be expected, but this is striking. By the way, Tab: it’s about preferences, which can be slight or great.

I agree this sort of survey requires that one is honest with themselves. Again I was curious if some of the debates that we have are a product of a personality clash of some kind.