"perverse core of Christianity"

I wonder what the “perverse core of Christianity” may be?

Personally, I think that the core is pretty good.

The perverse part is the attempt to make it THE one and only religion of the universe. Along with the USA.

And why people worship the USA is completely beyond me, but there it is, they just do.

What do you see the core as, then?

It is perverse because of it is seemingly an organisation that indulges impressionable children into a way of life that is based on fear and trepidation. The fact that it is used so powerfully as a tool to control people is the second main component I think. There are other things too but these are the two main resentments against it.

That sounds more like a human desire for power and influence. It has nothing to do with the core Christian beliefs.

How about evangelical christian beliefs. They want you to get THE word and be saved from eternal damnation.

If you look at what Jesus actually said, there is hope, happiness and joy. What Jesus said is the core.

Lots of things are used to control people. It’s not limited to religious organizations, and certainly not only to Christianity.

It is built on a threat not to do things that are completely in our nature, or risk eternal hellfire.

I wasn’t implying that it is limited to Christianity at all, that just seems to be the popular focus for debate in the west. What other things control people through fear? I can’t think of one right now.

Oh come on: racism, xenophobia, terrorism, the scarcity principle . . . .

In it’s core it devalues this life, elevates weakness, stifles strength and greatness. Basically, it sickens society.

Maybe it does both bad and good. That would be usual.

Isn’t this what Nietzsche thought back in the 19th c. ? Plus la change …

I would strongly encourage you to look at the way a society is structured and works economically and politically as a way in to understanding the role that an organized religion can play as a hierarchy in a class-based system. If you observe the nexus between business, politics, and religion nowadays, you will notice how money, greed, and power turn religionists into players able to profit from the system while at the same time the business and power brokers tolerate them because they are useful to keeping people divided and unable to organize to make things better.

I should add … it’s a Faustian bargain. There are very few people in positions of leadership or power today who can’t be bought off and pressured into literally selling both their own souls for profit and power and selling the vast majority of humanity down the river in the process. This goes for religionists and non-religionists, by the way. It’s not exclusive to any group or belief system.

Sorry, should have been more specific than just ‘what controls people through fear’. I’m looking for something analogous to religion that controls people through fear of their own wellbeing - and forces them to conduct their entire life in accordance to the demands.

I’ve thought of one…slavery. I’m comparing religion to slavery.

Eternal hellfire is not a core belief, it was added later.

Oddly enough the British Empire claimed to be Christian. The United States of America also. So it can’t be that weakening.

What’s the strongest society and what religious principle made it that way? What’s the weakest?

I asked earlier, but what do you see as the core of Christianity then, phyllo?

Are you equating the strength of the united states as something good that christianity was partially responsible for. The united states is not on the right track. It is decaying morally.

If Christianity is so weakening, then it follows that any state based on Christian principles should be at a great disadvantage and should not attain a powerful position in the world. I realize there are other factors at play, of course.

What Jesus said.

Just so it’s not lost on other readers:

Zizek, who coined the subject line of this thread as the subtitle of his The Puppet and the Dwarf, meant that at the core of Christianity there is no core. This is what makes Christianity perverse, and is precisely what Zizek likes about it (being the perverted atheist that he is).

In other words, Christianity reveals that God is dead, so that there is no God, and so that the core of the religion is no core at all. Christianity begins in the empty or null space opened by the death of God on the cross, which is up to us (Christians) to draw the consequences of, to make of what we will.

This is what Paul, the first Christian and founder of Christianity, does. (Unfortunately the Gospel writers f’ed this up by focusing on Christ’s life!)


Sorry. I may not have answered your question. Are you asking for specific quotes from Jesus which show the core beliefs?

Best answer…and the right one for the question regarding Zizek’s phrase.