Pet humans.

i think, society is missing something, something it needs.

Like for example, society has bread, and it has beans. But what if society never had those things? You would be saying, 'society seems to be missing something, but I can’t quite place it. Something, that in another timeline, it should have, but does not have." This, is what it is missing, this, is the bread and beans.

Pet humans. Now, you might say it’s slaves, it’s not slaves, its different from slaves. Pet humans. For example, I let my cat go outside at any time, and she has no obligation to return to my home, she can do whatever she wants. She just lays around and eats all day. Slaves are much different, they are forbidden to leave the property and must do work and obey. Pet humans are totally different from slaves. We need pet humans, because humans treat other humans like shit, because they dont see humans as pets. If humans saw other humans as potential pets, they wouldnt treat humans as disgusting waste, but living cute and cuddly creatures who have actual needs and feelings. We need to see other humans as pets, for instance some humans will be pets and others will be the keepers of pets. We can pretty them up, doll them up and pamper them as desired. This is the first step to a better world. Pet humans.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but one of the leading reasons to not abandon slavery was along your very same argument. It was once believed, ( and still is related to very easily in socialism as it related to the lack of merit and alienation of the individual from their own product. ) that ownership over something would allow someone to treat it better than if it were rented, leased, or not really “theirs”. People that are owned and well cared fall under the same category of people that are owned and not well cared for; that being the category of slave.

Cats are a better idea.