Peter and Iamb

Hey Peter and Biggie, when you guys get the Covid19 vaccine, will you guys please post regular personal health updates in this thread? I just want to know how your personal individual health will be like afterwards. Call it intellectual curiosity. :sunglasses:

If you both end up on breathing ventilators in the hospital I want video documented uploads. Please share your personal experiences with that. Biggie, if the vaccine causes you to be extremely sick or ill just chalk it up to dasein buddy.

Also, merry X-Mas to you both, seasons greetings and all that jazz.

Typical pinhead thinking.

First, of course, there is no predicting how any one particular individual will react to any vaccine. There is only if, 6 months from now, a year from now, the shots are effective in largely eradicating covid-19 in those places where the most shots are received.

Also, as an “old man”, there are any number of afflictions that can fell me. Afflictions that have absolutely nothing to do with receiving a vaccination.

Also, you and your ilk who refuse the shots can apprise us if you actually do get infected with Covid. Also, note anyone you pass the disease onto. Especially if, as a result of being around you and your kind, they die.

Intellectual curiosity?

My guess is this post is part and parcel of your own smug and arrogant reaction to almost everything that revolves around political convictions.

The mocking tone for example.

On the other hand, weren’t you mocking “the system” when covid brought the stock market tumbling down last Spring? Weren’t you predicting imminent doom and gloom for the economy? And now that the Dow has soared above 30,000? Just a temporary glitch in your doomsday thinking, isn’t it?

Instead, 2021 will be the year when everything falls apart!

But I don’t expect that you and your ilk will give a shit about all the pain and the suffering [for millions] that would accompany any real collapse.

Fuck that. The only thing you give a shit about is your own ego. All those knee-jerk ideological dogmas that separate you out as one of the Ubermen. Barely to the left or the right of Satyr. Depending on the issue.

Unless of course I’m wrong.

I can see that I am so going to enjoy responding back to this thread later. :sunglasses: :laughing: But unfortunately I have to work this evening so I can make down payments on Biggie’s social security and Medicare. :sunglasses: #-o

Don’t forget to pick up your monthly prescriptions at Walgreens Biggie, I’m paying some of it being the younger whippersnapper around here. :laughing:

I’d be stunned if problems come fast. I mean, that just bad planning. Even something like lowered immune response a few years after and chronic would be much more effective. Whether though lack of care or intention I think that is much more likely to be the ‘side’ effect. That’s the modern era. In the old days you’d end up with your nose or hand chopped off or killed. Now people get to live, but drained, stressed, addicted to distraction, kept awake by our cellphone radiation (gotta have it near the bed),overstimulated, pickled by additives…now children losing social skills to digital device subtitution for direct social lives. It won’t be a bang but a whimper.

YOu don’t want people getting really sick the first week not in big numbers. People will react to that and not get vaccinated.

Sure, keep it all on the level of the “smart ass”. That way you won’t have to confront just how shallow your thinking is about things like this.

You know, if I do say so myself.

It’s showtime baby… [Wait for it.] :sunglasses:

No negative health side effects of taking a vaccine? :-k

You don’t say? :sunglasses:

Don’t forget to smile on camera for your Covid19 vaccination certification photo…

What’s funny about this old boomer White guy is that the same forces politically he supports wants him dead, he must of not got the memo in his retirement neighborhood collecting a pension that old White people like himself they want entirely annihilated.

These same political forces openly in public brag about wanting to depopulate the world reducing a world above 7 billion people to more manageable numbers of 500 million globally. He’s basically at the top of their list concerning depopulation initiatives, it’s comical really.

Moving along…

Golly gee willickers Biggie, we’re all going to die from a virus with a 96.8% survival rate! :laughing:
Whatever will we do? I’m so scared, please hold me tight and comfort me…

I’m literally pissing my pants over here in fear. :sunglasses:

If you mean baseless ones built upon mounds of absurd or ridiculous bullshit, sure, guilty as charged Biggie.

Everything is so super-duper awesome Biggie, let’s see now, 20 million unemployed, 56 million facing house evictions in the next couple of months, and oh, there’s virtually every economist talking about hyperinflation, overvalued stock market, death of the dollar, and so on. One of these days you can kiss your ass and retirement pensions goodbye or whatever pitiful portfolio investments you have.

[Your stockbroker is going to financially rape you without any lube one of these days and tell you that all your money is gone in a total washout event.]

Yes Biggie, the future of the United States has never looked brighter. Everything is so awesome! :sunglasses: :laughing:

It’s going to happen whether you like it or not, and none of those social utopian fairy tales that you tell yourself at night or to get you through everyday is going to change that fact. Truthfully though, this nation deserves all the pain, misery, suffering, torture, and death that is about to come to it. It’s our national collective future destiny being a nation of money whores and prostitutes along with overzealous charlatans, imbeciles, degenerates, or demagogues. It’s nature way of healing and getting rid of the rot or decay cleansing itself of all the bastards running a muck.

I think you know that I have looked forward to this future day for sometime now, I’m a patient man especially now in my older age. Patience is always key to success in the long run.

And believe me when I say this on that future day, I so very much plan on collecting my pound of flesh one way or another. :sunglasses:

I don’t need Satyr to hold my hand, but apparently you do.

Of course you are and I’m here to remind you.

Oh dear, it looks like our very own Peter has skipped out on the friend invite to our thread here, probably has me on ignore no doubt. :-"

Better to be a smartass than a mindless drone, if I do say so myself. :sunglasses:

It’s not bad planning, the goal all along was to destroy the current world order with as much inflicting casualties as possible in favor of creating a new one. That is what it was designed to do and what they’re currently implementing. Once you know all that what they’re currently doing presently or going forth into the future becomes very easily predictable.

To sum up this current world, we’ve traded in community, culture, values, traditions, social order, and civilized society for production, consumption, self indulgence, or the material. But you see, all of that is currently breaking down at an alarming accelerated rate because the Faustian bargain was simply too much over a long extended period of time and now the global elite structure is panicking as they’re losing control of everything. Covid19 is their last ditch effort or line in the sand to remain relevant and in power, their panicking is palatable.

The fact they’re panicking makes me believe they’re on the losing side and that no matter what they tell themselves their plans are faltering. Honestly, they’re a bunch of rubes or amateurs, I could of set up an even better new world order structure in their place if I had their resources. They’ve made so many faulty mistakes over the course of their plans that I don’t know how they tell themselves that any of it is salvageable. Of course they’re an entirely deluded lot.

Zero is convinced that he will not only survive Armageddon but he will come out on top. So, he is so happy about it.
His years of living on the streets, he believes, have trained him for what is coming.

I have a better chance than most but even I can’t predict the future entirely, I will either survive achieving my long set of ideal goals for the aftermath of a collapsed society[nation] or I won’t. I do know however that I will make quite the spectacle or commotion in an earthquake manner before I depart this world shaking hands with the grim reaper. I won’t be leaving this world silently.

Are you fed up with life?

I love life, I’m just fed up with a majority of people in this world or the current power structure. Big difference.

Do you hate it so much that you would rather die than go on?

Nope, I plan on living as long as possible enjoying myself. And with a collapsed nation rife with chaos I will simply like life even more better. :sunglasses:

So, you do think you will survive and even benefit from the “coming collapse”. It would explain the glee. Such anticipation for doom and gloom.

For me it will be like Christmas every single day when it happens, I’m just a shark swimming around the chum bucket dumped into an ocean. I’m extremely hungry. :laughing: :sunglasses: :evilfun: :stuck_out_tongue:

K: as I have stated before, I work retail, and this time of year, I work, a lot…
I write when I can… and I will have a chance to write in bit later today…


There’s my Peter! =D> Most excellent and splendid.

Try not to deck a customer in the face with all that last minute busy Christmas shopping Peter, if you have to, take a big holiday ham preferably heavier than 5lbs and just start whacking them in the head with it. :sunglasses: :laughing:

You can also make a shiv out of a turkey drumstick, FYI. :wink: :-"