Petition To Ban Carleas

I want to try something never before tired in the history of philosophy forums; banning the owner of the site.

This is a test to see if ILP has what it takes to perform a full political coup. In this test we shall see if it is possible to contradict the Hegelian master/slave dialectic. If successful, we will prove Althusser’s over-determination, converging both the anarchist revolutionary spirit with autocratic fascism over a singular plane of immanence… rather than observing political change in the form of static, thesis/antithesis synthesis. This event will quite literally redefine the hermeneutics of historical materialism.

Good luck, ILP.

Zoot is seriously bored. :confused:

Well it looks like Carleas is staying. Not a single peep out of the masses. You’ve proved to be a fine ruler, Carleas, and deserving of your title as emperor.

But if Carleas left, who would keep funding ILP?

We can all donate a little via paypal. Its easy.

I vote against the petition. No reason given, i am a tightwad by nature.

There’s only about 20 of us here, so what’s the point in banning anybody?

Be better to unban everyone.


I want to change the scope of this topic from banning Carleas to making it possible to banning an unnamed owner. After the petition has passed, the political hierarchy of ILP should change to fit a hostile take-over, should it ever take place in the future.

Would this “unnamed owner” not be too similar to the “unknown soldier”? :wink:

I’m pissed off that the site is taking too long to respond and I need to wait 10 seconds to enter a thread. And since this is ILP it is perfectly fine and acceptable to base decisions like this on my immediate emotions.

Petition signed.

Yes, of course.

Thanks, Moreno and James.

Should I permaban Carleas? No, that would be too Darwinistic or even too Dawkinsistic.

Okay, Carleas, although at first I though I would have to permaban you, but then I thought: “No, that would be too Darwinistic or even too Dawkinsistic”! :laughing:

Have a nice day.