Petition to remove Iron Dog.

I’m petitioning to Ban this fool from this Forum. He has consistantly brought chaotic manner and bad attitude to this forum. His posts seem almost copy/pasted from a direct source on the internet as they never appear to engage a conversation but rather “state how it is because Iron Dog said so”… There is no engaging conversation with him as any questioning him results in one of a few things, 1.) Him asking you a question about why you asked a question, 2.) He’ll say, “I don’t want to answer your question because it doesn’t regard you!” or 3.) “You get out of here you imbicile… This thread is not meant for you!”

I think we have gone on long enough with this constant torment and I’m moving to petition a ban on him.

Could you expand on this…?

Don’t answer that.

You are an imbecile.

[size=75][Thought I’d save Iron Dog the trouble…][/size]

There should be no threads singling out a person or persons. You are in serious need of a pm here. It just makes you look like (an imbecile)?

Silly me, I will pm that to you :astonished:

[size=75][lest there be misunderstanding - I was having a go a ID, rather than Lasko, I too think the tinplate-doggy is a bit of a loony - though this thread should be in mundane, or possibly rant…][/size]

[size=75][Mind you, if we start weeding out the obvious loonies on the site… We’d be down to about 50 members - and even that’s probably optimistic…][/size]

I really think the Iron Dog problem will cure itself.

I think his or her response is natural. S/he is challenged at ILP by people with strong wills – people who will not succumb to his or her ideas. He or she therefore exhibits a perfectly natural psychological reaction.

censorship is wrong, especially in a place like ilp. go to google and run a search for the word “ignore”. it might be of some use to you

I still think it’s gamer

Isn’t gadfly-Gamer Marge? :confused:

Who is Iron Dog?

I think you are being optimistic.

What’s all the cafuffle? If a poster is repeatedly making crap contributions then simply inform the moderators and have the posting removed. Simple. If the person persists then they’ll get banned. I really think petitions are a classroom toy, and I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t in classrooms right now.

Its not so much a ban anymore… I’m more moving with a removal from the religious forums to the Mundane Babble forum. His posts (Yes almost all 500 of them) are mostly posts that consist of three words, Imbicile, Fool, and Idiot… Hes never brought forth a good conversation to the religious threads and has always caused havoc and chaos in the threads to a point where the subject changes from one thing to a pissing contest wher he makes like 5 posts with one word at a time in them… Ask him a question and his response is either with a question or with a “Leave me alone this thread isn’t meant for you so don’t ask questions, your mean!”

In a conversation that is going somewhere he tends to ruin it with his constant spamming and unopened mind that pollutes the forum.

It’s over anyways… … 7&start=25

I suggest Ben obtain his IP address and at least try and ban him… I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped up again as a muslim fanatic or something

you should never ban people, really. what you might do is maybe lift his posting rights for a few days. call it a temporary suspension.

it’s one thing that he doesn’t make sense, but why not allow him to read the sense of other people for it ?

You should ban people if they are (trying to) pull(ing) off hoaxes and wasting everyone’s time

… at least I think

then again, we’re here to waste time anyway

I suppose…

K no ban… as long as everyone’a aware he’s just a moron, instead of a christian moron

C’mon boys,

Arguing with morons is part of the fun. We live for it, right Z? I’ll bring the dirty martinis and we can jump on his ass all at once… all in fun, of course.