Philosopher Wars


Jakob, you posted your video in the Psychology and Mind Forum. Are you aware that you touched your nose something in the region of 20 times during your 4 minute video? :-k For me, there was no flow. As it was intended as a peace offering, may I suggest you remake the video. This time, however, you may wish to sit on your hands. Alternatively, you could just tell me to ‘fuck off, and mind my own business’. Namaste. :slight_smile:

Maybe the nose touching is morse code, did you ever think about that?

Seriously though dude thanks for analyzing all this and giving me advice. Im not sure what to do with that but thanks.

As for psychological giveaways, I clearly told an untruth once in the video as my eye direction and change of voice gives away, I catch myself in it immediately and correct it to arrive at the main message of the video.

Dont always only look at the surface.

Jakob: “Did you ever think about that?”

In answer to your question, Jakob, the answer is YES! :laughing: Whilst I was dropping off to sleep, it suddenly occurred to me… “You prick, did it ever occur to you that Jakob deliberately kept touching his nose?”

I will add, however, my original observation encouraged those who wouldn’t normally watch such a video to watch such a video!

Ignore my comments - continue your war, in peace! [-o<

If you’d be a girl Id be flattered you lie awake at night thinking of me. But since you call yourself prick when you’re doing it, I must figure you are a male.

I will call you Bert.

Stop it, Bert.

:astonished: Oh my word, that is spooky! :astonished:


Even if I did not have any respect for you FC…

…which I do…

…I would still appreciate the fact that you actually make an effort…

…so yes, thank you.