Philosophers and Schilzoids

I go by that motto, I honestly think my social values and such are balanced they just asked bad questions that lead to such… but perhaps that is delusional

Here are my results:

I’m a little over the norm in narcissism–but I think that’s good. A little bit of ego isn’t that bad and comes in handy every so often. Plus, I’ve never claimed to be a philosopher. LOL

at the test reults
General Note: the validity and reliability of personality disorders are still lacking in strong statistical evidence and clear agreement in the scientific and medical community.
Author Note:I don’t think Schizoid personality is a valid disorder (read), some of the smartest people in history were schizoid because they occupied a remote end of the intelligence bell curve. Schizotypal personality can encompass highly original thinkers as well as totally insane people so I think it’s a flawed type. I think the remaining eight disorders are generally valid.

Paranoid |||||||||||| 42% 49%
Schizoid |||||||||||||||| 66% 53%
Schizotypal |||||||||||||| 54% 53%
Antisocial |||||||||||||||||| 74% 47%
Borderline |||| 18% 47%
Histrionic |||||| 26% 43%
Narcissistic |||||||||||||| 54% 41%
Avoidant |||||| 30% 39%
Dependent |||||| 26% 37%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 34% 40%

You don’t seem that anti-social to me…

…or… perhaps it indicates you can relate to/understand the common man, but not freaks.

…but when you’re comfortable with your situation and your self (not under stress), you’re more sociable, perhaps it’s pride, you don’t want others to see you down. Some people become more extroverted when they’re having difficulties, they seek help, others (you) tend to withdraw, you don’t want to seem helpless, perhaps you like to deal with your problems on your own, or perhaps you want to save face.

I say it could be both, an aversion/indifference toward the external, the other, or a preoccupation with the internal, the self. What do you indentify with, where do you spend most of your time, I spend most of my time in my head, contemplating/reflecting on myself and ideas (left brain), as opposed to others (objects and subjects) and impressions (right brain). I’m also more in love with myself than the world… is there a correlation between narcissism and introversion, i wonder, I’ll wager there is, more often than not. I’m not into external objects, subjects, I’m into myself, my inner world is where I live. It’s a world rich with intellectual battles, where ideas battle for dominance, where smaller, falser ideas and impressesions are consumed by larger, truer ideas, I worship myself and my intellects, how well I can understand the universe is of the utmost importance.

Yeah… I don’t you’re balanced/normal (perhaps I shouldn’t equate the two), you’re definitely weird, maybe the test is faulty or, maybe you’re imbalanced/abnormal in the opposite direction. In the… “positive” direction, for lack of a better term? ?

Whoa, me and you have definitely been in the same place, our minds are both greedy for ideas, for certainty and understanding, I feel like I can relate to you abstract, on some levels. You don’t know how many mental breakdowns I’ve had, how many times I had to throw entire metanarratives in the trash can, how each and everyday I bite off more than I can chew, and spit it out, when it comes to my/the external world, I let things be, when it comes to my internal world, I’m totally obsessive compulsive, relentless, sometimes I wish I could just turn my mind off, but then I wouldn’t be me, I’d be someone else. What else is there, sports, motorvehicles, money, no, I don’t care about those things, the only other thing I care about is death.

Haha, paranoid thoughts, I too am your resident conspiracy theorist, though I never thought the whole world revolves around me (actually, once or twice I thought I was the antichrist, but I wasn’t certain), nor have I ever thought the government was out to get me, particularly/specifically, but I’m definitely more cautious than most, not about people in general, just about the government, must be all those documentaries I watched, all those conspiracy theorists I’ve been listening to for the past 4, 5 years, Alex Jones, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, etc, I’m not so into them now, but I can definitely see myself getting back into them.

Right, but you have to explain to people what that means, or it’ll just go over their heads. How did you come to that realization, exactly?

I also had to change my diet, but for different reasons, now I mainly eat a paleolithic diet, veg, fruit and meat.

Yes I can be weired… as you may well know I can some times be too freindly…that is my major flaw… though it is balanced by my tendency to be paranoid of others, so typically I am only too friendly with people who I don’t stand to be misused by…

Hsun Tzu’s:

It doesn’t, but that’s great, the point of a hypothesis is to put it to the test. Your paranoid and schizoid are way down. Your Schizotypal’s up though. Although I didn’t state so in the op, I also thought paranoid and schizotypal would be higher (the three “odd” personality disorders). Interesting, your Histrionic and dependent are way up, I wasn’t expecting those, and I’d be surprised if I saw a continual recurrence of those two disorders.

Yes, perhaps you’re oversocial, or trying too hard to be oversocial, but heh, I’m all for diversity… I guess. Ever taken the myersbriggs test? I’ll bet you’re an intp, fuck i’d be surprised if you were an esfj. Then again, esfjs seem more normal than intps (not necessarily balanced, xxxx would be balanced). Fuck I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore, I’m overconnecting, hyperconnective.

Extreme personalities of all types can lead to sociofinancial success ( sociofinancial success as is commonly defined). A narcissist may be convinced he/she is the best boxer in the world, it’s that belief that drives him to prove himself to himself and to the world. A histrionic may rise the corporate ladder faster and higher than others, because achievement, success and social status are of the utmost importance to them, they’re more flirtatious, socially active/adventurous than others, they make connections, associates and acquaintences (but not necessarily friends) easily. Their drive to impress others could lead to monumental, albeit shallow and superficial acheivements. Vlad the impaler probably had antisocial disorder, some assassins and soldiers may have personality disorder, but they found ways to satisfy their need to dominate and destroy others, socially acceptable and/or financially meritorious ways.

I am almost tempted to say that one needs to learn to not be obseesive compulsive of the interior… but then realy it the key is to get used to it and not let is stress one… I am as obsseive compulsive as any… it is a fair nature I think…(of course)

Yeah I have definitely thought I was the antichrist before, among other things… However once after having an alergic reaction to geodone I stopped and rebounded into the worst parnoid state I have ever been in (had a complete break down) and did think for a time that the entire universe was real yet held to gether by my imagination of it, and got extreemely worried that if I didn’t think right it would all end or bad stuff would happen…lets just say it was a stressful day…(and let me say that I assure you one does not want to be in control of everything)…one of my major paranoias was that everyone could here my thoughts (which came about due to seeing esoteric crap that seemd to follow from thoughts I was having, as if I would think something and then someone would react (which I have found is mostly subconcious capacity for extreme interpolation of soon-to-be-outcomes…or something like that). Let me say though it is very stress ful to be thinking that the people in the class room can here you think of how silly their behavior is, and then to feel the need to control the thoughts so as to prevent people from “hearing”. After a while I began to see that people should just interpret that these thoughts were mrely observations that Idid not always believe in, and then began not to care… and I still wonder sometimes if it is the case… it is rather me-center of the world, but it is more me=paraiah of the world…the oposite…the fear that everyone else is grand and I am some retarded entity that is yet a part of the global mind…anyways it doesn’t really bother me any more as it is one of those things where it doesn’t matter either way…Everynow and then the though pops up that people might be hearing my thoughts but I have come to ignore it…(ONe could say though that I did sort of hear voices but it was more a matter of hearing weird esoteric meanings, as if hearing what people “really ment” but not…which made it hard to listen to music with words in it for a while…)

Yeah typicaly my paranoias were more localy social. THough there was this one time when I first stopped the geodone after the reaction and before the complete rebound-breakdown, where I started to think the government might be using some technology to use radiation beems that altered particular parts of the brain such as to influence particular actions or simply make me forget particular things…(note the whole time I thouht it was likely and merely acted on it just in case… so I only sort-of belived… I guess) IN that state I actually first heard a helicoptor (actual) fly over and kept hearing it for a while. and then started trying to move around the house to avoid what might be the beam of radiation… and finally went driving around to avoid it, still hearing it though it wasn’t there… Anyways, I don’t recomend taking geodone, it just makes shit a lot worse if you stop it, makes you go completely mental… zyprexia on a high dose might do the same, but when I quit it I was thoughtvery paranoid for a while some how in a state of mind that could deal with it… bes to avoid the crap anyways…

I think I sort of realized it when I was pretty young, it just didn’t really hit home or become so much a belief untill then…[(my day-dreams are better then movies, I have a good photographic thought process:) though one particular day-dream I had might have lead to a thought that helped: I once was daydreaming off and on for a while about a reality where I was some immortal being that had made a machine to watch over one of the many dementions I happend to be in (this was a very neet daydream as I could keep it the same yet change it by moving to another dimension…anyways) I always liked to make my daydreams as reasonably plausible as possible (of coures there were the implasusible) so I wanted the machine to be able to tell the future and of course I tried to imagine the actual process of building it and the concepts be hind such (day dreaming of working on it…) and I had the thought once that in order to know the future perfectly one would have to know all that was going on in the future. But to know all things at one time would seem like it needed to take forever. But then I thought of how the universe is infinite and coumpounds on everything, thus one does not need to look out, a machinge could be made that looks at a single atom and interprets the future becuase any aspect of the universe reflects everything…(though it requires some exterior knowlege and such) anyways it lead to the thought that in reality what is the truth is probably already inside of us and looking in. introversion, is probably the best step rather then trying to do every exterior step…If you know what I mean. Anyways… A litle bit of my weierdness background…don’t saydream anymore though, I just think… daydreaming was my means to escape the reality I did not enjoy…now I enjoy it…

You becoeme what you eat like…maybe…that would make you on the approach to become a barbaric cave man, and I guess I am on the approch to becomeing a goat…

Perhaps requesting info on forms of medication or self-medication is needed. Otherwise the values of this study may be skewed…

Whats the mysersbrigg (might have taken it…have taken alot of tests of the psych type) what is esfj…or intps?


Right, well, for whatever reason, you are interested in philosophy. Wow, unbelievable, I’ve never seens scores so low, what does this say about you, what kind of sort of person are you, are you the sort of person most people would wanna be around, or the opposite? If these disorders are objectively bad, then you must be a very pleasant, beautiful, admirable person. On the other hand, if balance/adaptation is good, and these disorders are extremes, then you’re bad in the opposing dirction. Which do you think it is? Can a person not be antisocial enough, can they be too accepting, tolerant, forgiving, submissive? Of course, then you would have recieved dependent personality, or histrionic, if that were the case. Are you not obsessive enough, do you let things slide, are you lazy, messy, careless and carefree?

See, I’m struggling here, because according to my personality theory, whatever promotes life is objectively good, and whatever doesn’t is objectively bad, where as personality disorders seem to be aesthetic and irrational to me. It really depends on the context, but I suppose balance/normality is generally good. Some extreme/abnormal behaviours could promote health and well being in certain circumstances, if they’re appropriate, a reflection of reality. For example, I went over this in another thread under another alias; borderline personality; if your life was objectively going up and down, like you just lost your parents but you inherited a whole pile of money, you can see how such a blessing and a curse could cause one to be doubleminded about things, or antisocial personality disorder could be an appropriate response, if your town has been invaded by a foreign country, or you’ve been cheated, lied to, and backstabbed your entire life, perhaps a certain amount of antisocialism and fear is healthy.

When will humans learn. Yes, I’m interested in a more consequential, rational, survivalist approach to personality and personality disorders (in addition to ethics) than aesthetic, emotive and deontological… which is correct… I wonder? I think reason and consequentialism is, by definition, objective, where as emotion and deontology are based on unreality, or a lazy, default account of it.

Put it this way, I think there’s two fundamental ways of categorizing and conceptualizing personality disorders (in addition to vices). Psychology and Ethics seem to be intertwined, in many ways.

One is based on survivablity, or perhaps they’re both based on survivability, one directly (mine) and one indirectly (their’s, the establishments). I would say, whatever behaviour, internal (thoughts and feelings) or external (words and actions) leads to the probable extention of your life (increasing your lifespan, increasing your chances of procreation, or increasing the lifespan, procreation of your nearest kin, in addition to immortalizing the self by making positive contributions to society, performing heoric deeds, will to power, etc) is positive, no matter what it is (from cannibalism to rape), and whatever behaviour inhibits survivability is bad. In other words, the ends justify the means. Since telling the lie may be suitable in promoting wellbeing in one circumstance, and telling a truth in another, then no one behaviour or group of behaviours (like the so called “personality disorders”) could be said to be bad in all circumstances. The other method, the opposite method is to say, well, biologically/culturally abnormal/imbalanced behaviours, or negative behaviours are always bad, and biologically/culturally normal/balanced behaviours, or positive behaviours are always good. Perhaps they are generally good (I’m sure there’s many notable exceptions), but I’m not the sort of person who substitutes convention or passion for the good.

I linked to another thread covering the Myers Briggs test on my first post on this thread.
Most of us here are INTP or similar.
E and I are extravert/introvert. S and N are sensory/intuitive. F and T are feeling/thinking. J and P are judging/perceiving.

As for the Schizoid hypothesis, eyesinthedark, it doesn’t seem to be quite as prevalent amongst us lot. Nobody seems to be touching on my 90%. I’m not sure that you can get beyond 10-90% on any of the characteristics. I seem to be the most schizotypal so far too, though not by as much (and yet I’m hardly paranoid at all with regard to the “cluster A” thing).

So does that make me the best philosopher? lol. When I’m not an INFP I’m an INTP on the Myers Briggs thing, so that at least makes me pretty typical, no? Incidently I got 100% introversion on the Myers Briggs.

I think all this just makes me a bit of a freak rather than anything else.

I’m Lucis Trust, as you may have guessed already, and I will get back to you shortly.

Stoic Garden’s:

In some ways, you seem very antisocial to me, very critical, judgemental and misanthropic. Actually I’m not surprised, sometimes the most moral, the most selfrighteous (or the most hypocritical) can be the most antisocial, as they hold everyone to such a high standard. Hmmm, narcissisms a little high too. Otherwise, fairly low. Perhaps your antisocialism stems from your narcissism. Why can’t everyone do the right thing, like I usually do.