Philosophical Nonsense

Welcome tothe meta–,
Welcome to the post–,
Where from midlands you can get a
Clear view of the coast.
It’s like you’re on Lookout Mountain,
Seeing seven states,
Where the air,
Soft as a fountain–
Nothing else relates.
So deconstruct
To tatters;
And, the best of luck
With all that matters.

To titters does a reply mind
The issues well, they are unwound
And swans of thought what dove the mitter
W’en omissions were the matter;
W’ere but wethis evidence
That meaning is dry recompents.

Thanks, Oughtist, for this extension of the poem with a poem in its own right.

Yes to chocolate, no to burgers
I’m already fat,fat,fat…
yes fat,fat,fat …

No to games, yes to movies
I’m already bad,bad,bad…
yes bad,bad,bad…

Can this too be called a poem. thought this nonsense and ended up here !

It’s a Weird Al poem, yes; but is it also post–modern, meta–physical deconstructionistic? Wittsgenstein drove metaphysics from philosophy into psychology. Psychology is trying to shed it in favor of biology. It’s all fun and games.