philosophy and bad/highculture jokes

the other week i made a couple of silly jokes

  1. someone said they were going shopping,
    i corrected them and said “its pronounced Chopin (sho-pan)”
    as in the composer!

  2. i refered to a chicken dish i was making (chicken chaussure) as chicken saussure, as in the philosopher

my girlfriend thought i was mad and didnt think it was funny at all.

does anyone know any actually funny philosophy or high culture jokes?

high culture is elitims and retarded. Only real jokes are real. … kbook.html

im not defending high culture and elitism, im asking if you know any jokes about it.
but if you must call me up on elitism
high culture is no better and no worse than sopposed mass culture, its all subjective anyway.

That’s the funniest link ever!!!

that is true. I guess I can just not feel comfortable around people who I believe to be pretentious and are causing issues in the world, plus I was raised by working class parents, so I naturally have some social differences etc.

The only way I can make fun in high class culture is to make fun of it.

Anyway, the joke I would make to some “high class” would be, “is there a wine tasting tonight?” and then… just say it over and over again. People will be insulted, and it is probably not a very good thing to do all the time, but it sure is fun.

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