Philosophy in 10 easy steps

Your “Ten Commandments” can mostly be accepted, although the 8th, the 9th, the 10th are the most “Biased Commandments”. The 6th Commandment is the best.

I would say there is only one main step (with many subordinated steps - of course):

Try to think in a similar way as you speak, because you always speak in a similar way as you think.

Short explanation: The cooperation of thinking and speaking puts a spiral in motion that inevitably leads to philosophy.

So a three years old child is already capable of a philosophising (regardless how primitive is is).

Thinking without any linguistic reference is onesided, thus without any chance to get beyond the status of a thinker (according to ILP: less than 500 posts :slight_smile: ) and to get on the other side: the status of a philosopher (according to ILP: more than 500 posts :slight_smile: ).