philosophy of ... immortality


Lately I have got some thoughts about searching immortality. Many people were searching ways how to be immortal. Unfortunatelly they always failed.
In the XXth century humanity made a big step forward in some areas of course. For example exploring universe can be such a positive example. But because of this many new troubles appeared that hadn’t been troubles before. For example - where God lives? In the heaven? Really? And similiar things.
But when God doesn’t live in the heaven and when there is no God at all all astronauts who went into the moon and put their leg there should be…immortal.
Don’t you think?
Or all people who went above so called blue sky?
Doth it must be a way how to be immortal - at least one right way… and when going above the heaven isn’t this one right way what is it then? :-k


I think I am having trouble understanding what you’re talking about. Are you suggesting that anyone who goes beyond the earth’s atmosphere should be immortal? Or are you asking why they are not?

How do you know they’ve all failed at being immortal?

Yes, I think why not?
Or putting the question bit different - what should make us immortal?
How can we be immortal on this earth?

Doth leaving earth’s atmosphere is like saying God in the heaven “Good bye”
Anyway humans are comming back (some don’t).

But you know - this is also question about all human efforts - some people live
rather shabby and don’t care about immortality. But some care cause they have very comfortable life.

Unfortunatelly till today any doctor made anyone immortal.
So maybe space travels will do ?


Can you explain in detail why you think that?

Not quite. I simply wonder if it possible to be immortal and how to do it.
We all know that the faster you go the younger you can stay or something like that.
Probably speed is the answer. If you can move with light speed for a long time you
are very young and don’t get old. I read about it once. Does it work like that?
Maybe that’s the idea how to be immortal?
Let’s say you are 20 years old. Or 50 years old. Then you are boarding into a spaceship that can fly with a light speed . In that case, as it seems to me, you can stay 50 forever. Or at least as long as the spaceship travels, does it?


I havent researched on stuff dealing with how you age with speed but I’m pretty sure thats never been tested. I think the first step to becomeing immortal is to stop ageing itself. To do that we must find out why we age and how to stop it directly.

I think it is very possible to stop ageing, but becomeing immortal may take a very long time. After ageing we have to deal with disease along with health conditions. Then we have to figure out a way to be able to take an extreme amount of force and not die from it.

Why would anyone wish the pain of immortality?

Pain? How is immortality painful?

Unless all that you love is immortal too, how could it not be painful? how could never ending cycles become not painfully boring? how could repeitition not be painful and mind numbing? Imortality would probably be alright for the first couple of thousand years but after that? You would end up on a treadmill. If you lived longer than those you love you would stop loving and caring. No thanks.

Hmmm… I have to worry you. I have just read that the faster you go the slower time
runs but for …your observer. Not for you. I mean - biological processes have normal
speed. It is only your observer who thinks/sees you are younger than he…after the same time. OMG - does it all make any sense at all?!?


Sorry to burst your bubble but… Relativity means just that. Fine, broadly speaking, if I watched you streak away from me (I have really good binoculars) at TSOL, you would (to me) seem to stop aging. But, and this is the crux of the matter, from your POV, you’d age normally. And die, again, normally.

Travelling at near-lightspeed is a way of ‘time-hopping’ into the future of your point of origin as far as I can work out, but not a means of halting time with regard to yourself.

You have to see lightspeed also as the limit on speed of information. Information, depends on the light (from you) hitting my eye, and me registering the image. When you are close, and slow, your velocity causes only negligible change to your appearance with regard to me. I see you perhaps 0.000000000000000000000001 seconds in your past - ie the time it takes for the light reflected off you to travel the distance to me.

But, as you near lightspeed, and say my eyes/brain can only process 1 (new) image every milisecond or whatever, then in that milisecond you’ve travelled a really long way, and the light has to travel that much further (though it still carries the same image) to my eye. So it seems slower - as if you were moving in slow motion - because the millisecond ‘frames’ would hold increasingly ‘out of date’ (ie ‘past’) images of you.

Yeah - It hurts my brain too.

I understand what your talking about, but wouldn’t immortality be the same as life as we know it? If I was immortal I would never get bored (at least until I knew everything and explored every place). But as I see it there are infinite questions along with infinite answers. If you don’t want to deal with pain then life isn’t for you.

It is an absurd to me.
Doth whole human body consists of cells.
Why an observer of my light speed travel could see me young all time when
I am dying? Does speed of light affect skin-cells specially or what? Or rather lives them untouched?


I thought thats how light-speed travel worked. So it’s almost like freezing yourself then waking up in the future (without the freezing part).

Little correction of my earlier post:

…(…) Or rather leaves them untouched? (…)

Ok. And one more question. According to all theories we know speed of light is ABSOLUTE speed, yes? It is MAXIMUM SPEED.
But is it really ABSOLUTE TRUTH???

To the person traveling TSOL, you will age normally like here on earth. Say you travel at TSOL for 20 years (I’m not sure about the ageing process through the travel period). To you it will seem like 20 years when in fact it has been, say, 80 years.

See my edit - you’re a quick poster !

It’s becomming debatable actually -

Is the relevant bit.

In the quantum world, I think, we are able to send a signal, if you will, using entagled particals 10,000 times the speed of light. (I think it is 10,000, I may be mistaken)