Philosophy of music

I am the type of person that doesn’t concern myself with hype (as are most of us here, I’m sure). You know, TV commercials, herd mentality, fads, trends, emotional babble to get you all riled up, salesmen, all that kind of crap. Gimmicky seduction through charm and charisma. I like meat and potatoes, although fine French cuisine is certainly delectable here and there. Shiny 24" rims? No. I find there’s a bunch of emotional garbage all over the place. You tube is getting filled with people holding up signs with words on them… I guess that means its more emotional that way than just talking in your voice to people. This type of crap, I like to avoid. Yes, you can even through poetry in there to some extent. A bunch of flim flam fluff just for the sake of flim flam fluff. You want real meaning? Avoid the rules that poets must follow, rhyming and stanzas and all that jazz, then you can get some real philosophical meaning. Instead you might have to forsake some intent for the sake of poetry, or this art, this aesthetic or emotional nonsense that fluffs up reality for the sake of some human reaction that we’re bound too only through our flawed bodies. This stuff isn’t needed, but its fun… but that’s only because our biological bodies make it fun. We’re bound to the nature of our self.

But then, there’s music. You see, its the same deal, but not for me. Its more alluring that this other stuff I mentioned above. Maybe its a matter of personal taste, but it tends to get the job done. But the words are backed by melodic, powerful, tones and rhythms. But why does that make it more important? Human nature is all … simple… silly… human… nature.

This is part of why I don’t see people as having free will exactly.

We’re in a grey world of choosing lesser evils when we live on earth.
We aren’t at our prime.

I have heard animals have a sense of music aswel, but only the more advanced animals have a better feel for it.

Such things are a mystery.

What about thought? ? Have we ever directed our attention to thought, let along controlling thought; let alone manipulating thought; let alone using that thought for achieving something? It’s thought that tells me there is something more interesting to do than what I’m doing now. The senses function naturally when thought is not interfering with them. Thought is an interloper, which thrusts itself into the affairs of the senses. It has a profit motive: thought directs the activity of the senses to get something out of them and uses them to give itself continuity. This continuity always directs itself towards permanence in sensual satisfaction. Whether the medium is music or some other form of stimulation, it works together with the mechanism of thought to manipulate and control the inner and outer worlds of the self and bring it to the longest sustained amount of pleasure as possible.

The mind always operates in the field of sensuality.

Free will doesn’t mean all powerful.

Yes… but why this is needed is probably due to inferiority (as opposed to what could be possible) which is transcending to a higher sensual satisfaction without a medium of stimulation. But maybe that is a pipe dream… maybe that doesn’t make sense. In any case, don’t let the sirens lure you to your death.

birds sing relatively in tune, and some of the more intelligent ones sometimes learn complete songs made by humans. They have hugely complex songs of their own but they’re functional, it’s how they communicate (at least it seems that way). Also their songs aren’t instinctual, they’re learned. I don’t know if they’re trying to learn new communications by learning new songs, or if its art.

I remember when I was a kid a time when a friend had a minor bird that mimicked precisely the guffaw laughter of his mother. Occasionally, when some visitor knocked on the front door, the bird would do the laugh loudly and the person at the door would swear the mother was there, when actually she wasn’t. It was really hilarious. It makes you wonder if the bird did that for some witty purpose it had in mind or what. It could have been for some random cause that it did that and I may just be projecting a human feature onto it.