Philosophy of Thelema

“Rule your mind or your mind rules you” (Buddha)

Buddha derived his concepts of the mind from introspection (know thyself), an operation modus apparently lost to the Occidental civilisation whose scientists try to confine mind into their cerebrums and to explain its enormous capacities with electrical & chemical activities.

Yet mind is apparently more active than ever, considering the growing problems the members and victims of the Occident suffer.

Attempts to solve them with computers, genetics, pharmaceuticals, algorithms, IT´s, AI´s, etc, are counterproductive, as they deprive mind and its beholder of the ability to take care of the problems.

(Serious researchers of all ages consider ignorance of the true nature and capabilities of the mind the major problem of mankind)

Hindu, Buddhist, Dao and Zen schools offer ways and methods to investigate and handle the mind and even to transcend its limitations. Lacking aggression and operating with faith, patience & compassion, they are poorly equipped to deal with the onslaught of a mindless civilisation which, driven by egos, greed, envy, fear, hatred, etc, etc, aims to rule the world.

Nothing new, many civilisations have tried it before and always failed, either because of competitors, internal corruption or auto-destruction - latter seem to be the fate of occidental civilisation.

That its finale Is - due to the auto acceleration/fragmentation dynamic of Dualism – rapidly nearing, ought not to call for celebration as this monstrosity is going to continue devouring minds, peoples and natures until its very end, which thus can be expected to entail mental, social & nature disasters.

Moreover, there are going to be plenty of leftovers from the beliefs and myths that have been nourishing the occident for two millennia, innumerable cultural rituals, ego & power abstructs, religious, economical & social constructs and so on - some of them harmless, others potentially enduring threats that need to be eliminated, in order for our children to be born and grow up in a healthy world and to live according to each ones True Will & Nature.

Do what thou Wilt - Love under Will, the principal Law of Thelema, enables to override the dualities innate in the Selfrealisation process.

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What did the young flower say to the old flower that was drying out?

Do what thou wilt.

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