Philosophy Related Humour!

Anyone got any?

I know Dead Philosophers in Heaven:

and Illich Sketch Show on youtube:

The Simpsons?

Here are some great philosophy definitions.

Some of my faves:

analytic philosophy - a redundancy

continental philosophy - an oxymoron

formal logic - the art of turning speculation to certainty

informal logic - neither

Platonic Form - what you need to get the transcendental deduction (good for phantom electronic bank accounts)

substance - an accident waiting to happen

substance abuse - medieval philosophy

thing-in-itself - marked by a condition of extreme ontological shyness

trancendental deduction - tax break for philosophers (wish this would translate into real life!)

valid - an argument showing what we could believe but don’t

Dalia Lamma walks into a Pizza shop and says Can you make me One With Everything ?


He pays with a twenty and when the assistant tries to give him his change, he refuses it. “Change… comes from within.”