Philosophy: Road To Enlightenment Or Path To War?

“A group of gorillas is called a band, a group of ravens is called a murder, and a group of philosophers is called an argument.” Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom, and the love there of, and it would seem that all those thought of as wise will agree that the world is better off without conflict, without war. Yet by their very nature, they are the seeds being sewn for a future conflict. A philosophy is, after all, a personal belief or way of life; many philosophers will have many philosophies and it is almost natural for these philosophies to clash, and so the philosophers will clash.

Looking at the world, one can see that the military leaders of the world are all philosophers in that they have their set of beliefs, their constitutions, their martial law. Then is it not philosophy to be blamed for war and suffering? The pursuit of wisdom and then the defence of that wisdom - the success of capitalism and the defense of said political philosophy by eliminating its enemies?

Just a thought, and my first philosophical contribution to this (philosophy) site.

Interesting thought, in a way I agree, but only because I believe that Philosophy lies behind everything we do. You don’t have to call yourself a philosopher to be one because to a certain extent we all are.

However, a couple of questions:

  1. Who wrote the quote at the beginning?

What is your justification for this? I’m more inclined to believe that philosophy is just our way of trying to make sense of things, and the more we philosophise, the more confused we probably become. In a way then, you might argue that it is those who don’t spend that much time thinking about it who are the wiser. I don’t know, but interesting initial thought.

I looked for a name to put with that quote but nothing came up. I came across it a while ago and thought it supported my post.

The word “philosophy” translates from greek to love of wisdom - “Philo” (love), and “sophos” (wisdom). Also, my dictionary defines philosophy as “love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline”.

philosophy doesnt lead to war, what leads to war is doing what the U.S.A doesnt want you to do
Philosophy is a search for knowlegde to understand what lies around us.
We clash becuase we all have our own theories of what is around us, and just because we have different ideas dont mean it’ll all lead to war

Ok, now what’s the real definition of philosophy?

The problem isn’t philosophy but the nature of wives.

Men marry the wrong women and become unhappy leading them to become philosphers. They must support themselves and their home so they teach philosophy. This gives more men the inclination to turn to philosophy as a result of bad relationships.

Now this excess of unhappy philosphers must take out their dissatisfactions on someone so they devise reasons to coax politicians into making war which they go along with since it is assumed that philosophers being men of wisdom must have good reason to go on the offensive.

The answer then is the education of wives. They must be made to realize their heavy responsibility for the good of society to make their men happy so as to keep them away from philosophy. Then happiness will replace philosophy leading to world peace

Is one’s philosophy not also his theory of life? You’ve contradicted yourself there. Also, I didn’t only mean war, but general conflict - take away the battlefied and replace it with an office setting and two different work philosophies.

Philosophy is our personal manual on how to see the world.

EDIT: Bah, I’ve already seen through my whole thread. I didn’t need to make one to say that people cause conflict because they disagree. Foolish newb’s mistake. Excuse my waste of your time.

utilitarian, what i meant to say is that we have our own standards to live by, which none of those standards have little or nothing to do with philosophy, thats what i meant to say
and philisophy is just thought, not the way we see things


I do not think that philosophy can be accurately described as a way of life or a belief. I think that CT is what I call philosophy light. CT is defiantly not a belief system or a way of life.

I think you are confusing philosophy with ideology. Ideology can more accurately be described as a belief system but not philosophy.

Ideology can possibly be described as a source of war but not philosophy. I think you could gain a better understanding of philosophy if you were to study Critical Thinking. A good place to begin would be


coberst - you’re right. Although I’d like to make clear that I’m not ignorant of what philosophy is - I practice it constantly. Thanks, anyway.

Philosophy is the search for truth. If you believe the Bible to be true, the truth will set you free. That said, I believe the truth to be the search for freedom. Further, God is truth, that said, Philosophy is the search for God and freedom. It is a journey into the unknown. Because I “believe” we don’t have either yet.