Philosophy silenced for political reasons

I wonder what the philosophers who were silenced for political reasons had to say.

I mean, it’s commonly understood that people get silenced for political reasons. So it’s natural to think that over the course of history a few really smart people have been silenced too.

So I wonder what they had to say.

Anyone know?

There’ve been a fair number of well known philosophers who were not allowed to express what they truly wanted over the years; generally any of those who wanted to criticise their state or a belief in God (especially on the European mainland and before the 1800s) generally had to be careful as, at various times, doing so could have earned you a swift execution, no matter how famous you were. I believe Descartes once had to flee France for criticising the govt, though I have no idea if this is true and I can’t be arsed wiki-ing it to see if there’s anything relevant there, so I might be totally wrong.

Other than looking for writing between the lines in the more famous thinkers (or writers, in the case of, say, Gulliver’s Travels or Alice in Wonderland) it’s kinda hard to know what the silenced have to say.

The status quo is politics best friend but the enemy of philosophy in my opinion.

“mmph” …?

I suspect if they’d been really clever they’d have found a way to say it anyway.