Philosophy's place...

I’m rather new to the Philosophy world, at least in what I see on this board. I have always asked questions and challanged ‘knowns’, but I have little formal education about what the great minds of the past have said, or the roots fo what is now classified as Philosophy.

I find myself asking what is Philosophy’s place in our collective development? Is its main pourpose to pose the questions that will later be picked up by other sciences and tested? Or is its simply around to continually pose questions and create theories that have no means to get tested or answered? Are answers the anti-goal whitin Philosophy? It seems to me that there are many theories and questions flying around but little is said about how to put these into practice. Does that fall under another branch of social sciences?

Perhaps there is some reading that I should notified of if this is too much to get into, or too elementary for anyone to want to discuss… Any insight, comments, or answers are greatly welcomed.

Your off to a good start Billy. Knowing that you don’t know what you don’t know is important knowledge.

Don’t be so quick to assume development and purpose - these are some more ‘knowns’ you could go on to challenge. Why should philosophy have a place or purpose? It is certainly possible to treat it as such, and perhaps some benefits according to some value system of other - but is it necessary?

Theorising is practice. The act of theorising is something you do, which involves some things and not others - just like anything else. Practice isn’t the end of all philosophies - but certainly a philosophy that never led to practice would seem lacking.