Picture of the new chosen people to be.

The new chosen people which has yet to coalesce from the Nietzschian herds of the world could be defined (roughly) as follows:

What is their truth? That Zarathustra is the wisest and Dionysus is the greatest. The ubermensch is their highest type, Dionysus their greatest form. Skepticism is to them a virtue whilst their wise-men seek to master psycholigis - and successfully. With all this, is it any wonder that the man of knowledge longs for their community?

More could be said, no doubt, but need it be? I’m almost prepared to set store by this definition…

Well rendered, but some men of knowledge long for splendid isolation. An emergent community among the elements of nothingness. After all, men of knowledge often seem to have an suspiciously difficult time arriving at consensus upon the best kind of community.

. . . women of knowledge too, for that matter.

is this a negative thing?

Yes, the man of knowledge is sometimes a hermit. But thus far this has primarily been because he could not endure those in the towns and cities. But the new chosen people would be altogether endurable for him, hence why he longs for their community.