Pinnacle of Reason

Hi all,

It has indeed been a long since I last visited ILP. I have been busy with work mostly. Why did I come back to say Hi. Well I just suddenly had this irresistable urge to let all the old timers that I am doing well. Will I stay? Nah, I got better things to do. But I want to see how many of the oldies are still here. and what changes have taken place when I have gone. for memories sake.


Sound a bit mellow for a crazed zealot. Smoking weed are we?


ah, Bessy. you are still here. much expected… since you obvious had found nothing better during my absence.

Hello PoR,

We missed you. Well, not you, but what you represented here.

Good to know that you’re still alive.

I should have given you a more loving response, PoR. My fault. Siatd, you should run for office.

Ah, PoR! About time…all the chickens are coming home to roost! :slight_smile:


I also miss you guys for some perverse reason… I am not only alive but I have grown stronger. I have taken up body building…


nice to hear from you old man. Glad to see you are well. so what has happened since the last time I’ve been here?

What has happened to me?

  1. since the day I left ILP, I started body building because I needed a new challange, and who to better challange than my own body?

  2. I have started my CPA program and scored a High Distinction (which was expected) and I am trying to move to a CA firm. having worked as an accountant for a year. I have expanded my horizon and seen more things. I have become more mature and somewhat reserved.

  3. Stopped reading philosophy books.

Everything else is pretty much the same, also I’ve become indepent, in that I live in my own flat. life becomes pretty much repetitious after a while. I have become somewhat temperate because I have grown weary of full time employment.

Coming back to ILP is like coming back to see old friend you haven’t seen in years. in 6 days time it’ll be my 2nd anneversay at ILP, and i think it’ll be a good time to reunite for one more hurray.

Good for you, PoR.

Remember, “philosophy” was invented by the ruling class to escape having to work. When Thales was making metaphors, the noble class was making history. Why they let him live is beyond me. Now, I’m sure you’ll land a nice desk job somewhere in an air-conditioned office where computer software will do all the work for you, while you pretend to be doing something. No problem, man, I don’t care anymore. Just don’t step in the way of the bullets because we take no prisoners.

Also good to hear that you are body-building. I would also advise extreme cardiovascular workouts as well. Simply lifting weights might make you buff, and land you more blow-jobs, but it doesn’t make you healthy, tough, or athletic.

Me, well, I’m trying to convince myself to become a serial killer. My only problem is…who to kill.


This is off the topic, but I am at a plateau… run an hour a day and lift weights. What’s more freaking extreme than an entire hour? What do you suggest? I am trying get your advice as my trainer to get you off the idea of murdering someone. :confused:

I think detrop has his priorities a bit skewed. For boys, at least, it goes like this:

more blowjobs = good

living a healthy lifestyle = bad

It’s really very simple.

Bessy, I’m not sure what advice I can give you. I keep in shape for only two reasons; so I can fight, and so I can use drugs. You might say that I fix myself up so I can tear myself down. This process repeats until I die.

I work out so I can run from men like you.

But what is a good way to force through the plateau? Ah, yes… drugs? :sunglasses:

Bessy - I used to lift. You need to change your routine. Bicycle (while you can) and switch from freeweights to a machine, or change the reps/weight ratio for a while. Anything that fools your body into thinking it’s doing something completely different.

Or go to strength exercises, and leave the weightlifting alone for two to three weeks completely … that often helps to fool the body …

Change your diet too … that often helps. If your body isn’t getting enough protein/aminos, plateaus happen often.


Only the rarest of the rare have his depth of dedication.

Hi Dan.

Leave it to the drifter to pull us back to philosophy. Good one.

Mas. Thanks.

This sounded like a contraciction… should I forgo the strength exercises or up them? I know changing it up is important, and I do think the protein thing is huge because I don’t like meat.

Dan says

Honey, were you suggesting drugs of some kind?


I am a creature of habit - I think it keeps me from going off deep ends. This would be hard, but i am going to try that.


I want to apologize that this hasn’t been about you. I have decided to move this to Bessy Gets Buff in Mundane. Sorry.

Let’s define strength training: Using hand weights, and targeted exercises for burst/twitch/involuntary muscle stimulation. Power lunges, dips, push up jumps/angled jumps, pull ups, jump rope with a heavy rope, heavy bag workout, etc.

Meat isn’t the best source of protein … egg/egg supplement is the only complete amino complex. Don’t use whey, many people have metabolisms that turn it into fat, or the body completely rejects it. Omega fatty acids are real important as well, they help the brain produce the necessary hormonal balances for muscle repair/growth. And of course, pro biotic materials … especially yogurt, for enzymes and calcium, then round off with kiwis/bananas … also look into mangosteen … juice preferably, peppers are great for zinc, pomegranate juice and maybe cranberry juice, with a cider vinegar tonic once a day … and TONS of water.

I think I covered most of it, there may be some blanks to fill in, and taste changes …

Hope that helps.