Plato's republic

What is justice? Plato has not refuted the sophists at all. Political justice - specialisaion - people specialise because it offers the greatest ADVANTAGE for all. Individual justice - imitating the forms - what are forms, aren’t they relative?

I think he did, by making an act into an Agent. Justice Writ Large and all that.

Nothing special about using natural gifts to do what one can do.

They are timeless, absolute, unchanging ideals (when applied to abstracts). There may be quite a bit of relativistic fluff in Philosophy… the Forms aint it however.

a scotch on the rocks with no scotch…


Plato refutes the sophists with his agent centred theories of justice.

The forms are absolutes and are not relative. Making them relative would be misunderstandng what Plato means by the forms, I think.

If you look into his logic, there is some bad stuff in there but plenty of good arguments too. Overall his method of defining justice by a process of elimination is initially questionable, but the logic he uses to get to that point is to my mind valid.

IMHO, Plato’s Republic does more to explaining of everything else than it does of explaing justice. But, as someone already mentioned early, Plato does have a lot of good arguments. My favorite is the analogy of the cave. :wink: