Good stuff.


What if I have a big crush on you? What then?

Wow. If we did that here, we’d be accused of violating child labor laws, exploitation and abuse.

Faust, only you, my friend would have thought of that little bit of frightening trueism :laughing: :laughing:

I see this as something to support. I will introduce this to our car clubs.

Kris - I am making a point about the american Left and about taking the idea of rights too far. And about what the First World thinks is right for themselves and what is right for the Third World. I think you get my drift.

Yea i got it that is why I said, frightening trueism

This reminds of of this Canadian commercial that I know, anyone who’s Canadian has seen. :smiley:

“You Canadians have such modern ideas”

Anyways, as Faust alluded to, maybe we wouldn’t have to make children play on the misery-go-round if the west woke up and took some responsibility for the rest of the world.

Africa is a shithole because it benefits the west. Case closed.

The US spends more in ONE DAY on bombing pet stores and whatever the fuck else they do in the rest of the world through subcontracting means to secure their wealth, than the entire third world debt. The sad thing is the debt isn’t even owed purely to the US.

Who has seen (or cares) about the truly evil and violent shit that occurs in an otherwise overwhelmingly beautiful country? It’s not capital indifference, it’s not walking by a homeless person on the streets. It’s walking by him every day as ruthless dictators fuck the shit out of him and his people.

Gobbo - most Third World debt is owed to organisations whose sole pupose is to keep these countries in debt, I believe. And these orgs would not exists without the US. I may make it clear here that I am not making any moral judgements about this practise.

I wonder about this device, though. If this is the sole means to pump water in a particular locale, and the community depends upon this, then aren’t these children inevitably going to be required to work the pump? Again, I make no moral judgement here - children have been required to assist in agriculture for eons. I see nothing wrong with this. But why a merry-go-round? To make us feel better about the whole thing?

No, You just gave the reason, The kids will end up doing it anyway right? So why not make it fun instead of work. Did those kids look miserable? No. Cripes that is old school Tom Sawyer pyschology, if you gotto do something at least try to make it fun or interesting.

Different worlds… this is a bloody good thing, no doubt about it. Not a fair comparison to make, Faust! Although a funny one, Ill admit.


Just because they’re having ‘fun’ (which, to be honest is probably the equivalent of a day of hell for us. I know I can’t make this statement but I am anyways) doesn’t make the big picture situation right.

“Hey I just stole your wallet… -but- -but-… don’t hit me yet, what I -do- have for you is a little something I like to call ‘The Slide Whistle’. That’s right my friend… you’re gonna have yourself an enjoyable little time here while you walk home with no cash.” … oller.html

The communities with play pumps are lucky. Many villagers make three to five mile trips to collect water

Sure, Kris. If they are smiling in an advertisement, then all children who use this device must be having fun all the time they are doing it. An advertisement wouldn’t contain anything that isn’t true.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I’ll check back, but I think I said that I was not making a moral judgement about this.

Tent - all Third-worlders are lucky when the First World loans them money to buy stuff that the First World manufactures and then dictates that they buy. All Third-worlders are lucky that we in the West smile upon them and give them water. Third-worlders are just plain lucky.

I am not objecting to this merry-go-round. Gobbo and I are just trying to provide some context. It’s the “feel-good” factor that I have a bit of a problem with. That is not to suggest that we should feel bad.

What then Daybreak?


South Africa is hardly third world. And things work differently in Africa. It’s far more earthy which in my opinion makes it far more human.



Hippo rollers and play pumps are manufactured and sold or distributed in Africa. The cost of shipping and import taxes is prohibitive. There are many social foundations which would supply all the hippo rollers Africa could use, but find that getting them into a country and distributed is often three times the cost of manufacturing them in Africa. Many (most) African governments rely on importation taxes as a source of income. Their people remain in need many times because help organizations cannot afford to support the needs of the people and the government at the same time. Africa is a bit too complicated to generalize western exploitation as the cause of their problems.

If you want a real eye opener, buy a Land Rover in England, pay the VAT taxes, pay shipping to SA, and then pay their importation taxes. :astonished:

Since when did kids not have a great time going in circles to get dizzy and throw up? Merry go rounds are standard playground material. They would not buy the darn things if kids did not like them. All kids, all around the world like to get dizzy and giggle. World’s first method of getting high. I am sure there are some that don’t like it, there always are. But, damn what do you want to get them, a Rocking horse pump? and force the majority of kids to use that instead?

Faust you are picking at blatant nits that we all as reasonable intelligent people here see. we all know the drawbacks and truths about it. but, It is better then what was. And more importantly the kids will , for the most part enjoy it better then the previous way.

As far as advertizing well duhhhhh anyone who trusts advertisments fully or even partially is an idiot.

If the kids are going to do a job then make it fun at least. Or does that stretch credulity that any work can be made fun?

There is also something to be said about maintenance and cost. so lets see. we get them State of the art pumping stations. Install the things teach them maintenance then turn them loose with it. Sand, Dust, Dry air., parts wear out, where does the people cough up the money to repair these things? Or the gov’t that is poor too. So you want them to get deeper in debt? Remember me saying that we owned a lawn sprinkler company.? We dealt with well pumps, etc… I know what I am talking about. It costs us here to repair a pump of standard parts generally a $1000 minimum. A thousand is not that much for the average US citizen compared to what it is for a community over there or even a struggling gov’t.

This merry go round pump is simple, extremely durable and lasts much longer then electric pumps (which reminds me where the hell are they going to get power in the middle Of BF Egypt! Generators right? Solar powered right? More cost, more maintenance.) they don’t require electricity. Repair on parts are cheaper.

Ok , i think a point has been made.

Angel - if you don’t have a way to get water and you need one, you are in the Third World. I understand the emotional appeal it has for you. That is exactly my point.

tent - you exaggerate my claim. It was not that all of Africa’s problems are caused by the West. Just that most of them are. Think “history”. I suppose this advert is aimed at village rulers who do not have water but do have internet access.

No matter, the comments I made were not about the product (I repeat).

Kris -

Funny that I have just been told by km that this is tantamount to torture - all in the name of rights of poor black people. I guess it depends upon one’s perspective.

Again, I feel I must state that I have no objection to these devices. I will check back, but I do not recall stating any objection to these devices. I will try to express myself more clearly in the future.


I very much understand that Africa has been totally screwed over by western colonialism and that was your point. But there is still an African ‘culture’ that is in play, and that is the thing that makes it possible to expect children to ‘enjoy’ fooling around and pumping water at the same time.

Besides, we enjoy picking on you. Don’t we, Kris?