Plea for where to find murder stats

I want a breakdown of the perpetrators and victims of murders by age, gender, race and so on. I’ve scouted about briefly but found nothing of use and was wondering whether any of the other geeks here knew where to find such info.

Its for a study I’m doing on whether the portrayal of violence in popular entertainment accurately reflects the reality of violence on the street. One example would be that young (i.e 18-35) white males are rarely the victims of violence in movies and TV but are very frequently the perpetrators. Conversely young white females are almost never the perpetrators but are often victims.

I want to know whether this is realistic or not, and need some relatively hard data in order to make such a judgement.

Answers in the form of a link will suffice, and thanks in advance for any help that is offered

I don’t know the exact link but I have found stats for the US on something like the national bureau of statistics or something like that.

I don’t know how much use this link is:

Also, look up the site for your national investigation agency.

Why do you want such information? Just curious? School report? :confused:

…or do you suspect ben involved is involved in some iPod-nano-stealling conspiracy? :smiley:

The study I’m doing is initially for my own personal interest but if I come to any particularly potent conclusions I’ll try to publish it. There’s a common theme in feminist studies which claims that popular media is misogynystic whereas I see it as the opposite.

This would of course by unsurprising since women watch more TV than men, on average.

Ad, what do you mean ‘national investigation agency’?

I did find on the office for National statistics (UK) page the following statement:

And from the BCS site

It seems to be a very mixed picture from what I’ve seen so far, and there’s definitely a misrepresentation of domestic violence in popular media (I’ve been studying soap operas and dramas, mainly, since they take violence seriously i.e. comedy violence has been excluded).

On with the reading…

edit: One thing that keeps cropping up is that women fear violence more than men despite being less or equally likely to be victims of it. Given that women in popular media tend to be the victims or sympathetic perpetrators of violence (abused wives stabbing their husbands, women ‘accidentally’ pushing people in front of cars, that sort of thing) this is perhaps unsurprising, they’ve been bombarded with images that tell them they are the most common victims of violence despite this not actually being true.

Of course men are usually subjected to violence for 1 of 2 reasons in popular media

  1. Betrayal of business loyalty (grassing to police, stealing)
  2. Betrayal of right of property of given female character (i.e. doing the naughty-naughty with a brother’s wife or the boss’s girlfriend…)

In truth they are victims of violence (treating ‘victim’ in a superficial and straightforward way) for many more reasons, I’d imagine.

I know that the US has the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and they keep stats on their site, however, I did not know the analogue of that organization in your country. So, I just made up a general term for such a thing.

Anyway, I would like to know the circumstances for the male crimes in your country. Are they random or are they usually part of some set of behaviors that might attract violence. If this is the case then said victims can hardly be called that. For instance, if one is loud and drunk and then gets punched in the face he is a victim, but not of the same sort as a guy walking down the street that gets jumped. I bring this up because a lot of crime happens to criminals or near criminals.

However, that might not be the case. I think that it is the case that many males fend off criminals or defuse the situation before a crime can be committed. This is something that most women cannot do if a male decides to do something to them.

Imagine being a woman. I imagine it to be much the same as being, say a twelve year old boy. You are like a small elf with no muscle tone and you can’t run fast. Anything can happen to you at any time. Maybe you can fit off one guy but forget about two. Meanwhile, guys get punched in the face or hit with something and you have to face the possibility of anal rape while getting your teeth busted out because some guy has a weird mommy complex. Many a bunch of drunks want to throw you in their trunk and keep you in the cellar as their sex slave. Hey, the sky is the limit!

There is just so much more to fear as a woman.

The media shows a lot of morality plays. This serves the function of keeping everyone inline and on the same page.

The WR for a 12 year old doing the 100 metres is under 13 seconds.

A man could fear this just as realistically as a woman. I don’t get your point.

No, there isn’t.

And has the result of casting women as inherently weak, defenceless victims and men as violent aggressive bastards.

This seems to directly affect (among other things) the sentences received for violent crimes. If a man commits a serious sexual assault he’ll get more time than a woman who commits an equivalent crime. Particularly in the case of sexual assault because men are cast as sexually aggressive and out of control.

“The WR for a 12 year old doing the 100 metres is under 13 seconds.”

I suppose that this is the record for some athlete, but is it average for and average woman? It’s not.

“A man could fear this just as realistically as a woman. I don’t get your point.”

The average man does not fear getting raped. In fact the average, and even subaverage, man probably believes that he could fight off anyone. The fact is that maybe he could.

“No, there isn’t.”

I could go out right now and purchase some duct tape, some rope, and a length of pipe and own and woman in the city. I won’t, but I could, and so could almost any woman in town. The same could not be said for men. I could not go out and abduct a football player.

For women there is always potential violence out there. I have said to many female friends that you are only as safe as the craziest guy in the room.

Generally, I agree that the average man is demonized and male violence is over emphasized in the media. I think that this has to do with the old Andrea Dworkin agenda, but also that it is not completely untrue. Males are potentially violent and effective at it, but most of us keep it under control.

However, when one speaks about potential violence, then who holds all of the cards? It’s males and that’s why women do have something to be afraid of. They can never predict if they will be the next random rape murder.



Ahhh British Boarding schools. :stuck_out_tongue: