Please be in thought for my friend

I have an adult friend (I’m good friends with his family) who is currently serving as missionaries Kiev, Ukraine. Appearently, the man mysteriously disappeared from his family for about a day (this happened yesterday), and today, his wife and children received word that he had been robbed, mugged and severely beaten by some police who are connected with the Ukrainian government. Being an Amerocan citizen and, at the same time, having a very dark color of skin (his parents were native from India), he has allways been under the occasional supspician of the police ever since he first got to the ukraine last year. They have, on occassions, been known to randomly check on his legal documentation, etc., but never has he been physically harmed or attacked up until now.

From what I’ve heard, his attacking is sort of a side-affect from all the politicall turmoil kiev has been experience this past few days.

Last I heard, he, and his family have been re-united together (he is still in the hospital), but it is uncertain whether or not he is under arrest, or if the police intend to detain him once he is better, or what will happen.

I knew him and his family very well, before they left for the Ukraine. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. :frowning:

Don’t count on it. Thankfully, this is not a board that attracts a lot of religious people, since most religious ideas run contrary to modern philosophy and even independent inquiring thought. So firstly, I think any missionary is bigotted to think their beliefs so superior as to actively go on and try to impose them on those of foreign countries and cultures, of which they know very little. Secondly, anyone who leaves a rich, safe country that values all life such as the U.S. for a cesspool of violence and corruption such as the Ukraine practically deserves what is coming to them. What the hell did he expect? That he would become some kind of great saviour to these backward poor souls? This self-righteousness seems to be a fundamental flaw in the collective American consciousness. I think these are the main reasons why you haven’t gotten a flood of sympathy, and won’t. Nothing personal.

quit being such an ass… u dont know wut led him to want to go to ukraine…
but, i will certainly wish the best for him… and keep him in thought when praying…

Missionary work, which through the eyes of most atheists is bigotry.

yes, I’d appreciate it if everyone here at least have so sympathy to the fact that he went through physicval trauma that you and I will never want to experience… even if you think the guy is a nut for leaving a job and relatives to do dismal work in a third world country.

In the eyes of myself and other Christians, he is a hero of sorts.

I know missionary work, from an Atheists perspective is foolishness-incarnate, but give the guy credit, he does not give up easily…

…I just heard this morning that he is in fairly good condition (he suffered 3 broken bones, and 1 concussion), but has been released from the police’s custody. I appreaciate the PM’s I received from various people here who offered to even pray for him. Thanks, I know he’ll greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

But you weren’t looking for sympathy; you were looking to debate/discuss a little, were you not? This is a philosophy forum, and I’m allowed to question anything that I feel ought to be questioned, regardless of the moral considerations of you or others.

Now, let’s debate this as befits cold-hearted philosophers. Or is it just to sensitive? I say he got what was coming to him. Don’t you feel resentment against people who try to impose their beliefs on you? If I came to your house and blathered in your ears the futility of all religious thought, would you not consider some violent response eventually? Not out of your disrespect for my views, but out of my willful disrespect for yours, and my corresponding bigotry?

I was merely asking for those who care (people who are not like you) to consider praying for someone I know very well who was teribly mistreated for no reason at all. no debate. no pity-party. It is really not worth your time to post otherwise in this thread if you can’t even admit the fact that you would want others to pay attention to your needs if you experienced the same thing. Is that too much too ask? sheesh… :confused:

DITTO: Don’t be such an ass, not all atheists view missionaries as bigots, I know because I’m one of them. Many people in 3rd world countries will accept missonary work with open arms regardless of what religious strings come with it. Mother Theresa’s organization is the best example of such.

Also, I don’t consider spreading the word of any religion (It could be space monkeys for all I care) any grounds for killing a guy. Even more so if the guy was helping the poor and feeding the hungry

Hope the guy is ok.

ditto wrote

I would say he hoped to do some good. It could be argued that people who remain in “a rich, safe country that values all life such as the U.S.” without making an effort to spread this prosperity are being selfish. I’m not going to take a side on this, if only because I don’t know all the facts. BMW-Guy, I hope he will be ok; no matter what his situation or beliefs it’s still a sad thing that has happened to a person.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do good and spread prosperity, but there are smart ways and stupid ways of doing it. People who suffer tend to do so because of their own stupidity or lack of preparation. And being a missionary, he was there to influence people’s beliefs not distribute food; that is the job of international relief organizations.

How do you know that he was there for sololy spreading religion, and how do you know that he was doing so stupidly? You are assuming far to much.

And I still don’t see how spreading religion is grounds for killing the guy. Or even beating him near death.

Your friend will be in my thoughts…


Anyone who travels abroad assumes the risks of travel. Especially those that go forth to “spread the goodnews.” These know or ought to know that they may be hated.

I have a friend who went to Latvia to share his personal views. While he felt that this work was the most important work in his life, he thought it was more important to love people. Now, some might say loving strangers is really stupid, and this might be true in some cases. However, this man endeared himself to many people through his actions. And…what he gave was frequenlt reciprocated in Latvia, but not in America.

I recall, one time he went out with three greif striken Latvian brothers to dig their father’s grave. Their mother had died a long time ago, and now the young men were alone (without either parent). This man had no money, so all he could give was himself. The ground was hard and muddy, and the weather was cold. Nonetheless he dug the grave, because the brothers had no money. This man was a very humble and loving American.