Please Go Organic Guys

hello all,

i’ve always been a very healthy person…i do not eat red meats and i do the whole fruits and vegetables thing, blueberries, brocolli (foods that prevent cancer) …i stay away from anything that’s potentially carcinogenic (which is funny because lets face it the food in general is horrible lol- look at the fact that we have excrement in the first place- anyway…)… a little of the rainbow diet , tons of water etc etc…but its funny, once you start eating more healthily its seems that it never ends lol :slight_smile: …you’d think my diet was good enough for me…but no its not…foods in general are horrible nowadays- we may be better off just starving (bad joke- but seriously)…anyway… i was eating an apple the other day and as i was taught since a little guy by my mother, i washed it first. the thing is, i wasnt satisfied :frowning: …i tried diligently to get the white stuff (im assuming pesticide) off of the bottom of the apple…short story shorter i ended up eating it but not without a grand enlightenment. i remember some guy telling me that he only eats organic foods, even said that if i switched to strictly organic foods my iq would go up lol- that was about 2 years ago and guess what- after i ate my apple i went down to the supermarket and checked out the organic foods- yes its more expensive but im sold. im done with the extra chemicals and crap ill shed out the extra bucks for peace of mind…i calculated my budget and it will cost an extra 200 dollars a month to convert to a more organic diet- of course i wont give up my chicken breasts- (im addicted) but im going to look into organic meat as well or raw, natural- whatever its called… anyway feel free to share your comments advice and so on…

the point of this post is to let you guys know how incredibly important it is to exercise (at least run if nothing else) and to maintain an efficient/healthy diet…its ok to give yourself a treat every now and then maybe once a month (and for you hardcore junk food eaters start with just once a week) buts thats all you really need if at all…we must take care of our heart, brain and soul :slight_smile: do not over indulge and do me a favor guys-join me in becoming organic- lets look like we’re 30 when we’re 60 instead of looking like we’re 40 when we’re 20 like i see so many people nowadays…if you’ve treated your body badly change now- dont wait until later- go for a run right now- pick up some blueberries or dark chocolate - something with antioxidants- detox your body and stop the smoking and drinking guys. if you dont care about your health at least know that i do and God does as well- and always remember through the power of faith and love we may all heal ourselves…us humans are capable of healing our own bodies…concentrate your mind and spirit and feel your inner strength…pray to God and he will show you our true power within… have fun guys and make sure to go organic…God bless

ps sorry if there are any errors- i didnt have time to edit this…God bless

Hmm, the debate of the quality of organic food is far from closed, especially if you want to evaluate it from a purely nutritional standpoint. (personally I feel if you appeal to the advantage of organic food based on supporting local businesses / not supporting industry you’re on firmer ground, bad ground but at least it’s firmer)

There’s an interesting thread that displays a selection of the different views here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=169460

However, ‘detox’ is a load of bullshit, as it is generally used. Unless you literally mean cutting out alcohol and smoking altogether, then it has some provable health benefits, if you mean it in the sense that it is currently used in the world of gimmicky dieting fads (those short term detox cleanse your body things) then it’s bull.

Also, Organic improve your IQ? Prove it, again the nutritional content of ‘organic food’ is not proved, let alone that an adult male, switching from one diet to another will actually improve your inherent mental characteristics. If you mean that a healthier diet / lifestyle can improve your concentration or alertness (which may then improve your scores on IQ tests) then I would agree, this is documented and proved, but it has nothing to do with organic foods and the effects do not derive from some ‘organic’ quality.

There ARE problems with the nutritional contents of modern food. But these problems are complex and at least partially genetic (so, for example, our constant selective breeding of crops to produce higher yields over thousands of years has arguably meant we produce crops where the aggregate nutritional yield has not been tied to the change in production volume; or, nutritional value per item has decreased), however these arguments are competing theories, not proved and often partially speculative. They should not be discounted but that does not mean they should be accepted unthinkingly. Fundamentally, it means that the correct response to problems with food, be it in individual items, yields or food shortages (they are not independent issues) should not be tackled through the abasement of science.

i dont get it…are you trying to say that eating processed foods, red meats with bad iron, processed meats that cause kidney and stomach cancer, foods high in sodium, build up cholesterol- contributing to heart disease, alzheimers, brain tumors, clogging of brain vessels, instead of eating foods rich in anti oxidants, carotenoids, omega 3 fatty acids, blueberries, nuts such as walnuts- almonds-pistachios, fish, chicken breast, broccoli, organic vegetables and fruits, green foods, wheat grass, turmeric, garlic,(foods that fight free radicals and prevent the cell to cell communication needed in cancer), cinnamon,ginger,beans, grapes, green tea, foods with lycopene that help with prostate cancer- fibrous foods as well for your colon, mushrooms, whole grains, pumpkin as well as pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds…all fresh and organic, does not make a difference?

i personally am very healthy…i’m 6’3 and weigh approximately 190 pounds, i have great skin and i’ve been an athlete my entire life and drink tons of water as well as running and exercising daily…my biggest problem is i do not sleep very much (horrible for your immune system)- but i make up for that by eating foods to keep my immune system top-notch…i do not get sick other than maybe once every 2 or 3 years and i drink lots of natural orange juice (pretty easy being that i live in florida) to keep my body high in vitamin c… i make sure to get sunlight every day for vitamin d and i take benefiber daily to rid my body of the foods i eat once they are fully digested…

now it may be easy to knock all the healthy foods that us health-conscience people eat but who exactly are the people doing the knocking anyway…thank you for the link to another thread but from what i’ve seen many of the people saying negative things about healthy foods are simply not healthy lol…i’ve seen the pictures here on ilp of many of the people…some of them posted in the thread you linked and they unfortunately do not look very healthy to me in the slightest sense…are you particularly healthy or are you just another person that knocks things that they are too lazy to get into because they see other lazy people knocking it too?

if your argument is strictly against organic foods then please tell us about your lifestyle to support your ideas…what do you eat?

God bless


not only is this incredibly false- it is also not warranted and you have given no details to support your claim…further i must ask you to please refrain from cursing within my threads (with all due respect) if you wish to have a discussion with me…i expect a certain level of etiquette as well as self-respect from fellow posters within my threads… thanks for your comments so far Phoebus :slight_smile:

God bless

Organic alternatives can be very pricey HTH, especially here in the UK, but if the price is negligible then I’m sure people would buy the organic option…

You hot HTH? you sure sound it! :wink:

No, I am saying precisely and only the last bit; that their nature as ‘organic’ is not proven to have a consequence on the nutritional quality of the food. From that you cannot derive the argument that not eating “processed food” and instead eating “vegetables and fruits, green foods [and] wheat grass” will not make a difference. A general good standard of diet does not require the individual parts of it to be organic from them to be healthy, by organic I mean the ‘organic’ branded products available in supermarkets; these have no proven higher nutritional content than their identical ‘non-organic’ counterparts by virtue of their organic nature. There are studies that prove that certain organic foods are lower in dangerous pesticides which is obviously a very good thing, but it is not the nutritional content. Furthermore, to build upon this as a basis for the advantage of organic food would be a fallacy; it is an argument for more rigorous enforcement of food standards rather than an argument for avoiding the food entirely and is only applicable to certain types of food, grapes being a particularly poor example for some reason.

The problem is that ‘organic’ the label which you buy, has different meanings both depending on the produce and depending on the location, there is no universal policing of the production of organic foods, or international food standards to which they must conform. So it’s not merely an issue of which farming procedures create the highest quality goods, but also how you ensure that the labels accurately represent the procedure used across all countries and across all types of goods, if the latter is even possible.


I originally wrote about my lifestyle to make a point but, on reading this last line I deleted it. All your doing here is ad hominem attacks, someone could be 70stone and still know the science behind healthy eating or the lack of evidence behind organic foods. Equally someone could be in perfect shape through genetic and contextual contingencies; their actual healthiness is irrelevant to their ability to process and express the science behind the principles of eating.

Sorry, I don’t find swearing even faintly offensive but if you do then I won’t. See I don’t equate swearing and respect but meh, irrelevant to the discussion.

As I said before, it depends entirely on how you’re choosing to use the word ‘detox’. If you are referring to a lifestyle where you don’t drink, smoke, take narcotics or coffee AT ALL then there are, of course, health benefits. I’m not disputing that. To make a similar point; I’m not disputing the advantages in concentration, sleeping, ‘happiness’ (exercise induced endorphins! Woo!), or any other number of very, very good reasons to live a more healthy lifestyle. my argument is strictly with organic foods as they are labelled in supermarkets.

Anyway, back to ‘detox’. ‘Detox’ as outlined above, as a lifestyle where one avoids toxic substances that are widely consumed recreationally, I have no disagreement with that. I am aware you outlined a lifestyle like this in your initial post so if you find the following, mildly rantish outburst irrelevant feel free to ignore it, the word ‘detox’ in its common trading use in the dieting circles has taken on another meaning. What I have a problem with, what can be downright unhealthy, what IS bull and dangerous bull at that is… well, lets find some examples: … x/plan.htm

Your body is entirely capable of detoxing itself, we have a liver to do just that and it does it very well, what these amount to is pseudo-scientific nonsense wrapping round a crash diet, something that is fundamentally unhealthy and, in the worst examples, dangerous for the health of the person involved. Good health is derived, fundamentally, from your lifestyle, not some short term quick fix. You want to change your body? Change your life. (for more discussion in a similar vein:

I’m aware that this doesn’t counter anything you’ve said in your original post, in fact it illustrates exactly the same point - that good health is a constant, living process, not a result of ‘diets’ or ‘detoxing’ for a week then going back to another lifestyle. I am merely explaining why I react like that to that…word.

Oh. I read, "Please Go, Organic Guys.

Never mind.

Me too. :laughing:

if you feel your lifestyle is unhealthy i meant no offense… simply to let you guys know that you can always change
God bless

i agree- except i think that it is a very very very good thing :slight_smile:

very well

sorry…i didnt mean any ad hominem attacks nor offense :frowning: (sorry if i came off that way- i tend to be a direct person and people sometimes take offense)


thanks for not cursing :slight_smile: (please take no offense-i meant none) :slight_smile:

yes i agree :slight_smile:

if you’re trying to say that eating foods without chemicals is not completely better than foods with chemicals in every way over the course of a lifetime than this is rather absurd (no offense). you would certainly change your mind if you knew more about cancer i believe :slight_smile:

what’s the difference :slight_smile:

God bless

i hope so :slight_smile:

lol thanks Mags…i try to take care of myself :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome, HTH :wink:

Our taxpayer funded subsidies for the big farms producing non-organic food would then go to waste. Why switch?

health matters…lets make sure we are all as healthy as can be…cancer is a ridiculous problem and can be prevented

…Cancer doesn’t work like that.

This isn’t a cold, or an STI, you can’t just catch it and bin it. Yeah there are some things that increase your risk of cancer but that doesn’t stop cancer being, essentially, the natural end state of all multicellular lifeforms. We’re screwed, and the longer you live the more likely you are to get ‘cancer’, which, if it has any meaning, is simply hideously complex cellular mutation of its most lethal kind. This isn’t some disease or outside agent attacking your body, nor is it one thing; there are millions of variants for how cancer works, millions of different mutations that all quite effectively lead to your death.

Whilst we’re on the subject, there will never be a cure for cancer, the best you can hope for is that we find some restorative measures, protocols for drug applications and a set of drugs for all the different theoretical mutations.

On directness: I don’t care what you ask me or what you chose to say about yourself, I was simply pointing out that that entire section of the discussion is entirely useless for furthering any debate about the quality of organic foods.

I’m sorry, but would you care to clarify? This makes no sense to me. “If” Conditional, yes [you think] “eating foods with chemicals” “/= >” “food without chemicals” then second part of the conditional thought equals absurd.


Yes, I agree, if you think “eating food without chemicals is better than food with chemicals” (removing the negative condition in you statement) then you are absurd. Definitely. No chemicals = no food.

Now, I’m pretty sure that this is not what you meant and you’re not using a very rigorous use of the word ‘chemical’. Seems to me water wouldn’t be much use without H2O. Also chemicals don’t ‘cause’ cancer, they don’t give you cancer in the same way a bacteria gives you an infection, some chemicals have been proved to increase the rate of cellular mutation though. I worry what you think you know about cancer.

However, losing interest now, no longer on organic foods (which you seem to have stopped giving any actual reasons to support over and above a generally healthy state of life, which I can understand and partially see reasons for, not just ‘detox’ or some of the things you’ve said about organic foods) so I’m done here.

your statements are false and also not warranted…cancer is preventable and can also be eliminated when diagnosed :slight_smile:

very well

edited…oops :slight_smile:

very well

God bless

Some types of cancer can be prevented by better diet etc. - take bowel cancer for example, that can be prevented through ensuring there is plenty of fibre in one’s diet…

As a celiac (which is one who is allergic to wheat) unless I ensured that my diet was totally wheat/gluten-free, I would be prone to developing various cancers as well as many other ailments.

[b]hey Mags :slight_smile:

so have you presented a solution? or are you saying there is not a solution for everything? :slight_smile:

God bless

I saw ‘Please, Go Organic Gays’. I thought ‘Organic Gays’ might be an American Football or Baseball team.

how the interpretation of language continues to confound…

it is obvious…

it is a plea for the constipated vegetarians of the world to make their move…


Oh, sorry… yes, I am saying that there are solutions, for any imbalance in our diet and we become susceptible to many dis-eases.