Pocket dump

Anyone wanna do a pocket dump?

Non-existence is in my pocket.

Sure, it’s been a few months.

Left Hip Pocket:


Contents of Wallet:

$196.33 Cash
Blank Check for Hotel
Blank Personal Check
Blank Check for Hotel Bar
Phone Number for Guy that Offered Me Job
Certificate for Large Vocelli Pizza for $7.99
Social Security Card
Bank Deposit Slip
4 Pictures of my son
1 Picture of my wife and I
American Red Cross Blood Donor Card (Type O Negative)
Driver’s License
Movie Gallery Card
Library Card
College Library Card

Right Hip Pocket:

Cell Phone
Key Chain

Shirt Pocket:

Key to Hotel Register
Key to Hotel Safe

9 ball in the side


And the number on that?

I think this thread is meant for you to dump it all Pav.

Wow. A large Vocelli for eight bucks!

Imp - Just one?

that’s the only one that counts…


Imp- Straight shot, or hard slice?


No, thanks. I had my identity compromised once before.

on the break


I’ve got a candy wrapper, a pack of cigarettes, 3 lighters, a bag and papers.

Vocelli is in Maine, as well?

Great pizza, I love the little pepperonis.

The Certificate is for if I want to pick a pizza up when I am at home. I have an exclusivity deal when it comes to recommending (and advertising) pizza places to the guests with Vocelli’s, so for every fifth time they come here I (or one of my desk clerks) can have a free large pizza, free two paninis or free bruschetta.

One of the desk clerks pissed me off though because he used the five signature sheet to get a free pizza and did not tip the driver.

His justification, “Well, fifteen percent of zero is zero…”

I usually lay five bucks on the driver, but I encourage the desk people to at least do three bucks, I even told them if they took three from the drawer I would replace it.


I’ve got nothing.

Pav that’s funny because I have 5 cases of key-cards in my trunk with pizza advertisements and tiny little menus on em.

A purple plastic paper clip
Cookie crumbs
The key to a register

No. I was faking it.

Sandy - perhaps if you were wearing pants…

Spyderco Native
Gerber 1 AA-cell l.e.d. tasklight
match case
Leatherman Juice C2
2 Bics
pack of Bros
10 foot hank of 550 paracord


details details. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some blinds to close.

I hope Anita didn’t see that. She’s on a tear.

If I was on an airplane with you guys I would be damn nervous.

That’s pretty cool. I used to have an exclusivity deal with the Domino’s in this area and they gave me the keycards. As you know, all of the Domino’s are franchised so they can pretty much decide (to some extent) how they want to advertise. The owner of the Domino’s around here decided not to do the keycards anymore, so I switched my allegiance to Vocelli’s (No keycards) because I think the food is better and would rather eat their free pizza.