Poem - eating


i told you before of the bleary eyed mammals
who wander in circles like thirsty old camels
and surfing the channels suburban sedation
in kennels and shackles they’re serving their nation
relaxing with chocolates in cineplex boxes
approximate marxists approaching a praxis
i’m neitzche and nazi and richie and potzie and
not to bitchy but shit’s what it’s got me
i sang of my hatred of hurters and haters and
rated perverted and murderous traitors
behaviors compared to the saviors of scared
and unwilling and wailing and poorly prepared
and in spite of a million ridiculous hummable
ditties osama bin ladin still crumbled the city and
i’m just another ridiculous idiot, giddy and numb with self-pity
i told you before my positions are strangely and
comically stupid and subject to change me like
comet and cupid and sartre i’m searching and
slaying absurdly and hurting insanely
ironic conjecture and plastic resolve and
intentional iconoclastic perspective revolving around me
and lost myopic like i already said i exhausted the topic
i got nothing more to say