Poem Game

Uttering non-sense until I came to my senses

Veins rush warm blood to a frozen heart

Waves are the heart beat of nature

Xenophobes gaining seats in the British councils

Youthful innocence gone in a flash

Zebras grazing upone the fruits of the African savana, unaware of any of this…

[size=59](give me some credit…I tired[/size])

Alright we got the whole alphabet (even after some Q-and-R-related turbulence.)

But is this the end?

Certainly not! :astonished:

Do not give up

Easy as it is to continue with this silliness, we should devote the next post to poetry. :sunglasses:

Fine, right after this quick suggestion…
Instead of posting lines from poems in alpha order, why not link them using the last letter of the previous post?

That works for me!

Except this time, let’s try and make the poetry connect more appropriately from post to post.

To the understanding of not understanding.”

[size=75] cheers to understanding the appropriateness of that connection … :wink: [/size]

Glorious are the magnificent paradoxes that always leave us perplexed and befuddled,

Deprived of all sensing, My spirit was given an understanding while not understanding, Transcending all knowledge.

Silver stated:

Holy great saying Batman!! I really like that silver, funny how so many people talk about our senses becoming heightened when others are turned off, makes one think that if all of them were turned off that we might actually come to a new understanding of our world, an understanding that would trascend all that we have known and consider to be knowledge. Thanks for that.

Where’s that from?

[size=75] sorry guys…i think i pucked up this thread, I’ll just pick it up from Magius’ post so you can continue:[/size]

Maybe you should tell me why

,you haven’t learned to distinguish knowledge from ignorance?