Poetic fragments

The past is but a flower leaved and blossomed in a memory,
The present but the sunshine and the storm that makes it grow;
The future, then, is how a flower turns, it turns the sun to see–
This is my philosophy and this is what I know.

Rhythm song and storm am I,
In chaos cleft and sown;
a broken shard of glass my mind
reflecting what I’ve known.

c&c if you care to

wow. not that i know anything about you, but its hard to believe you wrote this instead of getting it from a book.
i mean that as a compliment…i hope i’m making sense.

This is beautiful, and moving–figuratively and literally.

The only comment I have to make about this (no right adjective to insert) poem, is that the inverse of the words, “am I,” in the first line, not only add emphasis, but also strike me as a question rather than a statement. Perhaps, an unconscious question?

Thumbs up!

Well… I liked these. The first one a little more though.