Politics: According to Anthem

Let’s see how accurate I am over the next ten years:

-Democrats (specifically Obama) win the next election
-Obama can’t make good on his promise to leave Iraq or provide universal health care, though his intentions are good
-Withdrawl is made possible by actions of his administration (and possibly the tail end of this administration, but that’s unimportant)
-Republicans win election because democrats fail to withdraw from Iraq
-Republicans are able to finally withdrawl from Iraq based on the steps taken by earlier administrations
-Republicans are seen as the heroes who stood firm on the war on terror and got us out with honor

End result as always: Americans are stupid ](*,)

How are we doing?

Predicted the winner eight months beforehand…not bad.

So far Obama’s fooled everyone into thinking we’re leaving Iraq…and we are, but slowly…it’s not going to happen before the end of his first term.

Afghanistan didn’t even factor into my analysis which shows how Iraq-centric the whole issue used to be. Eighteen months for troop reductions after the surge was no mistake; he wants a nice cushion before election season.

The republicans aren’t going to attack the fact that Obama hasn’t won, they’ll attack what’s left in Iraq and Afghanistan as proof that he breaks his promises because eighteen months from now the wars will be even more unpopular. The republicans will have to reverse their stance on winning the war because the troop draw down will make make any move to insert more troops unpopular and infeasible. If they campaign on this and win they’ll be able to finish troop removal in less than four years.


Obama gave himself a B for how he thinks he’s done thus far in office and a conservative friend of mine is foaming at the mouth. “What has he done?!” he vociferates. “You’re right,” I reply. “He hasn’t invaded anymore countries; he hasn’t steamrolled into the problems he’s been faced with like an oil-crazed Mad Max character; he hasn’t conspicuously lied to me (and I prefer good liars if he has); and he hasn’t shown an outright lack of concern for people in general (not Americans, people). Fucking Nazi.”

Of course both sides have floating standards, but I think we can all attest to this administration’s authority compared to the last. It’s like eating nothing but rice and the festering carcass of your dead friend for months on a desert island. Then a Russian cargo ship picks you up and feeds you onion soup. And you hate onions. But it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve tasted in your whole life. Because you’re not eating poor Pedro anymore. That’s what this administration is like.

That…was awesome!


Que en paz descante, Pedro.

It’s not that Americans are stupid but rather it’s that Americans have very little control over their lives because of a oversized government that believes it can make every decision for them where the American citizen feels powerless and frustrated to do anything at all about it considering that special interest groups and corporations have hijacked their government.

I personally define myself as apolitical not to mention I find both political parties to be ridiculous.

Although many people I have talked to wish for there to be a third polital party.

Happy to be wrong! Call me Stephen Hawking because I just lost on my insurance policy.

On the specific points:

-Obama can’t make good on promise to leave Iraq: Sneaky sneaky…no more ‘combat’ troops.
-Universal health care: Not as much as or in the way he wanted.
-Americans are stupid: Still. Yes.

He compromised some of his principles in order to secure this election. If he had pushed all-or-nothing, I doubt he would’ve got anything done. Savvy, pragmatic politician? Liar? Did the best he could?

It’s still better than the alternative.

Anyone who even takes elections seriously in 2012 deserves to be punched really hard directly in the face.

Just one time, so maybe they will wake up.


You don’t get to have an opinion.

Seriously, though. What actual reason do adults have in 2012 to talk about ‘elections’?

Regardless of chemtrails or anything else. It’s just bizarre we continue to play along with this nonsense. Completely childish.

People would be much better served to learn about the system. Even if you don’t agree with me about anything else, I don’t see how you can disagree that learning about the entirety of how it all works is worthwhile. It’s definitely worthwhile. Otherwise you get exploited and have each day worse than the last, which is what has been occurring in Amrrica since 9/11.

In the objective there is no difference between Obama and Romney except for a few surface things, none of which will have a fundamental change on your quality of life and personal freedom. People have this explained to them and they just continue along in their fucking trance.

I am surely worse for repeating all of this ad nauseum. Obviously none of you will ever change.

People think it’s some hard thing, when really all people like me are advocating is not living like someone who embraces ignorance. The bar is set so low and still Americans cannot even clear it. It’s really amazing to watch.

I’m saying take like… 1 hour a week and read some conspiracy stuff. That’s different from the 20 minutes a day most of you fat fucks cannot even pull off to stay healthy. 1 hour a week breaks down to way less. I don’t know what it is, but it’s less than 20 minutes a day. That’s all I, and basically anyone who isn’t in a braindead trance, is asking.

It will do you good to experience another viewpoint. Eventually everyone finds some specific area where they become interested and then learn something. Some actually wake up and acquire a holistic understanding but that’s really not required from everyone. All that’s required is for each person to individually act as some sort of stopper for corruption, somewhere. That’s it. Everyone looks around; everyone agrees there is corruption everywhere. OK - be productive. You cannot do that unless you learn something. I mean something new. Not some other fact from a vacuous television show.

Take the whole cannabis thing, for example. But simply bothering to watch a video, or read a book, a lot of people who don’t even smoke pot realized that society as a whole could be improved in different facets by legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis. And now, we’re starting to see those same effects in the outcomes like what happened in Washington and Colorado.

If you want, the same way that people woke up to the fact that basically everything they knew about cannabis was a lie, this too can happen in other sectors as well. In Califorina people are waking up to GMO and demanding labelling that makes it explicit what is GMO and what is not - good. If people woke up to nature of how the banking system actually works, that would be even better, but that is a complicated subject. The point is, talking about elections basically does nothing. In fact, I think I could make a pretty good argument that elections, in the form they occur now, are maybe the worst form of managing government than I could think of. In the objective, it’s really quite inefficient, and for that reason alone they should be evaluated. I mean… I could sit here and think of fucking 100 different reasons pretty easily.


Pick an event and a location. I’ll beat you. Or I’ll be very surprised if I don’t. Just don’t pick bowling.

I’m not delusional about the effects of an election. Things that don’t change much from president to president, regardless of political party, include military action and fiscal policy. Most social policies don’t change either, but it’s where the president can have the biggest actual effect in my mind. If we’re going to have a president, and we are, I’d prefer that president to be supportive of gay rights and believe that science and math aren’t out to get him.

That, by the way, is where you and the republicans share common ground. There is nothing scientific about 99% of conspiracy theories. That’s why they’re conspiracies and not scandals. Scandals are eventually sussed out. If you think any serious atmospheric scientist would just play along with chem trails you’re dreaming.

Oh, you mean as a result of the election? i thought serious people didn’t pay attention to such things . . .

It’s been so long since I’ve been on this site I was trying to like that last comment :slight_smile:

Anthem :slight_smile:

You’re actually serious. That’s woefully embarrassing.

Serious people stay informed and do their best to prevent corruption. What happened in California yesterday? Yea that’s what I thought. Flippant people like you were scammed out of something you want. And if you say you don’t want GMO food labeled then it’s obvious you’re lying.

You guys can try and turn it around all you want. Glorifying ignorance is always wrong. You all know this but since your Amercans you obviously have to posture for a couple of posts before it dawns on you my logic is undeniable.


You’re the one who brought up physical fitness, so I thought I’d go there. But don’t misunderstand–I’m never serious. About anything. Seriously.

Also, I’ll come run your next marathon with you. Which one are you doing? 5k? I’ll do that too.