Politics. Lies.

Britain cut off Kuwait from Iraq as a “separate state”.
Iraq reacted.
Iraq invaded.
We all think Iraq is the “bad” guy.

US trained Osama bin Laden.
US stopped being in need of Osama.
We think Osama is the “bad” guy.
We killed Osama.
His body never found… (like Hitler’s…)

Oh how distorted is our view of the world…

Pretty basic stuff really. It’s been going on like that everywhere since the beginning of time. I dunno why America always gets the finger pointed at it.

They lie to satisfy the game of modern politics.
The real reason for the Gulf war was fear of Iraqi Supremacy of the Middle East and Domination of the Oil Fields.
Saddam and the Iraqi government was Ba’athist, which is a Arabic Pan-Nationalist ideology which desires to unite the Arabic peoples, it, though not atheist is a Secular ideology and this is seen with destain from the fundamentalists(Like Saudi Arabia and it’s sheikdoms) and Islamist groups (various Modern Jihadist movements).

Iraq had a large battle hardened military and large looming debts incurred by it’s war with Iran, so a tiny resource rich region like Kuwait was an obvious and justified military target.

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Concerns over Iraqs growing power and aggression were also justified as the U.S. Relies heavily on petroleum imports from the region, Saudi being an ally exclusively because of this and Kuwait essentially being a western protectorate.

But modern political speak dances around Realpolitik, so they pulled out the whole “wars of conquest aren’t allowed anymore” BS UN stance, and claimed the cause for war was to liberate Kuwait from evil old Saddamn.

The war was for oil, simple as that (for the U.S. anyway). This isn’t Derivative of the cause, oil is vital to our country.

But they’ll say it was for Freedom against an evil dictator because that sounded nicer.

The main reason is that US is very hypocritical about all this. US tries to pose itself as a true democratic state caring for the welfare of all nations. I do not really understand why they do that. They do not fool anything. In the old days politics was the same but with much less hypocrisy. Romans conquered other nations without trying to justify their wars through stupid “He has WMD” or “He is oppressing his people” “arguments”…

I am sure they used ‘threats to Roman citizens’ and they most certainly felt they were spreading civilization wherever they Went.

It’s difficult to say how things were 2 or 3 thousand years ago, the elites may have been more straight with the people than they are today, but probably not as much as you’re thinking. Imagine what would happen if the American administrations, or the soviets for that matter, were completely honest and forthright with their people about everything they’re doing. Civilization as we know it couldn’t exist, or perhaps it couldn’t exist at all, because the people would know, everything is being done to make them slaves to the corporate elite.

Actually this is another difference between the Romans and the US: The Romans WERE spreading civilization (their civilization, OK) where they went. They established a Pax Romana and stayed where they went in order to build infrastructure etc. US just goes “in and out”. They seek, they destroy, they try to find excuses to leave…