Polygamous marriages may not be performed in my country and a person who marries another person, knowing that the previous marriage is still subsisting, commits an offence of bigamy, which carries a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment. How common is it?

In hunter gatherer tribes it is common to have many wives as it imbues great respect. On the other hand, it is quite rare for women to have many husbands, although in Tibet it is practiced. The irony is that society frowns on Polygamy yet marital affairs are generally accepted.

Instinctively most women would shun a polygamous relationship as jealousies could be a destructive element, the second, third, wife/wives having to accept that they would never be married legally and there are many complications in this area where Polygamy is involved, as the other woman/women are not legally recognised there can be no binding agreement from the husband to force the court to act according to his wishes, as the law would favor the legal wife, and a father has to make sure, I would think, that his son would inherit his wealth, status, and power, regardless of how much or how little of these resources he has.

Is it worth the “effort” to become embroiled in a polygamous relationship, keep everyone happy avoiding the complications stated above?

As you noted, it depends on where you are. A society is a soup and if you change any one ingredient the others must compensate. So until you work out the other aspects of a society such as their religion, economic model, education process, child rearing standards, and so on, polygamy can’t be rationally addressed.

I worked out long ago that if you were to start all over from scratch and were fool enough to again try to dictate to millions of people and assuming proper education and moral standards could be so dictated, the best combination for marriage between men and women is two and only two women for every one man. And the requirement was that it had to be two. Marrying a single woman would be immoral/unethical, two brides at the wedding or none.

This is simply owing to the sexual roles that constitute the species. A man can impregnate as many women as he has sexual access to at a time. A woman can carry one males offspring at a time and is physically emotionally and psychologically vulnerable during this period. This make Polyandry suitable only in very rare cases, usually when the number of men in a society vastly outnumbers the women.

This is only true because of the contrived social relations that modernity has produced between men and women. Women are lied to and told that equality in a relationship is a must when in reality there is always a hierarchy. Women, being instinctively obedient to the dominant social norms of their given time, buy into this wholeheartedly and deny what it is that makes strong dominant men so attractive to them, namely that it forces them into the submissive role in the relationship. Men, have become increasingly emasculated and most of them do not even care to exercise their naturally occurring authority over increasingly fickle and oversexualized women. The men at the top of the food chain today are there because of the power of money, and what is startling obvious is that many women will do exactly as they are required in order to have a piece of a man with options and status, even if it means sharing him with another or others. Here we see primitive sexual relations, for better or worse, return to the fore, with most males priced out the sexual market and left on the periphery (although the alpha male has been redefined so as to lose all meaning in organic terms). If economies were not deliberately being deprived of their genuine productive elements in favour of feminized service economies then the social relations between the sexes would quite likely revert to the traditional values which served the developed nation of the world so well for so long. The main obstacle to polygamy in this day and age is that women have the power of the state fully behind them in all matters most notably in divorce and family courts and so the men who conceivably could provide for a number of wives are disincentivised from doing so.

In today’s society it is not worth the effort on a males behalf to undertake such a relationship. Women are attracted to these men who have many sexual options but are afforded too many opportunities and ‘outs’ for it to be worthwhile for the man. Having said that, successful men often have multiple marriages, producing the same genetic effect, and, paternity fraud, although a criminally understudied phenomenon, is often cited as being as high as 10 to 20% of all births.

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I’ ‘explored’’ this subject once. A little. A Turkish guy pretends he has three wives, gauges reactions.