Pornography. Philosophical or not

Some posting in the “post a picture of yourself”
has created an issue. So it got me thinking.
Is there a Philosophy of porn?
Or does it fall under freedom of speech or morality or
heinous? Does it falls under other areas of the political, ethics,
so on and so forth.
I am of the feeling and (only a feeling) it does have a philosophy.
{maybe this falls under that masturbation topic earlier?}
I really don’t know at this point.


Oh no, it’s the “Morality of Porn…” in disguise - Will the madness ever end…? :astonished:

Cue Adler

Here’s a linkto an old thread of mine if that’s any help…

Actually, we have had several porn related threads, but what are you thinking Peter?

My apologize if this has been done to death.
If it is the case, I can let this die a decent death.
I just got to thinking. Nothing good every comes from
me thinking anyway. Without fail I get into trouble.
Which reminds me I am going to Reno during super bowl
weekend, which got me to thinking…

I better bring bail money this time.


Actually, I’m going to post something on the homo-moral thread that may apply, stay tuned.

Tabula Rasa:Actually, I’m going to post something on the homo-moral thread that may apply, stay tuned."

K: I shall hold my breath until then …
. . . . . . . . . .

. … . . . .

. . . . .

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Porn today is like corn-flakes.

Are corn-flakes philosophical ? I didn’t think so…

Not true, I’m bored to death with porn and see it for what it is. It’s no longer corn flakes.

I meant corn-flakes as an euphemism for something easy to procur, easy to consume (in that it requires no special effort) - to sum up: something rather too trivial to even talk about it. "Corn-flakes " was just a convention.

Either way, I’ve quit this thread from this minute starting.

Mucius Scevola:Porn today is like corn-flakes.
Are corn-flakes philosophical ? I didn’t think so…"

K: you just need to change your drugs. Under the right
combination, anything can seem philosophical.
I suggest vicodin and alcohol. but hay, to each his own.
I am a little to old to participate in the drugs of my youth.


The philosophy behind it all is:
Wanting to want.

Drugs that are addictive and mind altering are sometimes illegal.
Does porn addict and alter minds? Of course.

Do you know how much money goes into the porn industry?,
and how there is a select few who own the main portion of the industry?

‘The Man’ wants you to want his “product”.


Pornography may be at the lower end of what we call ‘philosophy of aesthetic’.

Let freedom ring, and let it ring by a stripper.

What is the issue with porn?.. is the better question.

It creates preconceptions of how you think sex should be.

I believe that sex is a expression of love. In this love limits sex to more of an unselfish expression. While sex outside of love is only limited by what you are willing to try. For people can get off on inanimate objects,… and this is reinforced with the reward of endorphine release.

The problem is, the reward isn’t earned. So people can feel good about themselves for no reason or even bad reasons like rape. It’s all learned behavior toward what you are willing to try. And as soon as anamatronics gets perfected to simulate sexual partners. You only limited this reward to something you can control. The uncontrolled past of sexual preferances has been what people will try while hidding it from public opinion,… thus allowing it to be more perverse. Making sex more public will limit what people try to whats more easily available, but doesn’t quite make it better then sex as an expression of love.

Pornography is like vueyerism into debauchary. Its like you get to see all of those depraved porn stars who fornicate for money and you get to watching and think these people are going to hell so I don’t have to. Its a good feeling actually. And that is the philosophy of porn.

people that are prone to sleeping around are prone to other impulses. IE binge drinking and drugs (especially cocaine).

Porn. What can I say, everybody loves porn when you hit puberty.
Porn is the greatest invention. :-$

Blanket statment!