Portrait of a Killer

by Patricia Cromwell, regarding who Jack the Ripper really was. Sickret; note the SICKret. An artist, and Cromwell is making a great case against the artist.

I think that I saw that.

Isn’t it the case that he painted pictures that were much like the poses the dead women were found in?

Can we have a “spoiler” warning attached to this review?
I feel like it would only be fair…


You betcha. He may have been born a hermaphodite, underwent several operations on his penis, and may not have been anesthetized. Even if he was, the anesthesia used then made one throw-up when they came to. I have always enjoyed Cromwell, and Christie, as I usually cannot figure out who is the murderer.

Ooops, I think I misspelled his name.

A great read.


aspacia :smiley: