possibilities and probabilities

I would like to disscus possibility and probability. My Aspergersyndrome allows me to have a different way of explaining things so bear with me.

I do not beleive that anything is possible. I do however believe that anything may be possible. But how are we supposed tp determine something like that. Our minds have made us believe a system of rules for reality and the universe. But there were no original rules to base that system on. So it is apparent that that system can be faulty.

How could someone make a desicion you ask?
I use probability. Believing what is most likely.
Of course the likelyness of things are subject to change but that dose not change the system.

For example it is unlikely that inanimant objects would come to life.
But if you saw this happen the probability would increase.

Remember, you dont controll your beliefs. your beliefs controll you.

I would argue, though, it goes both ways. The formation of belief relies on causation—natural, factual, whatever this is. Natural or factual things about the world cause us to have beliefs. Conversely, our existing beliefs influence the way we see the natural/factual world.

True, our existing beliefs play a role in formation of other beliefs. But this in itself does not mean a one-way deal of beliefs controlling us. Because why else would we have conflicting beliefs? Why would we admit in our mind something that negates what we already believe to be true? And why else would we abandon some beliefs in order to maintain consistency in what we believe?

Your example of inanimate object coming to life, and us seeing this happen----sure, causation happens here. We change our belief because now we see an object coming to life. What we see causes us to change our belief. But there are also instances when we experience something, yet it does not put our belief in danger. Some people believe in miracles, angels, and ghosts though they haven’t personally experienced these things. Some people believe in what prophets say though they have yet to see signs of these events happening. Scientists may have pieces of empirical evidence that show danger in the ozone layer—yet, people would deny it.