Post a Picture of Yourself Digression

Mastriani looks like my friend:

Not even close. If there was a better/less blighted picture, you’d see there wasn’t any resemblance.

I’m tellin’ ya - Boo Radley.

Okay, maybe you aren’t clear on which one I am in the picture.

Maybe you need to quit buying two dollar pairs of glasses.

Hey, that’s a nice shot of you in your jammies, Mas.

Just so I know where my next trip is going to end, you’re in Mass.? Right?

Yeah, man. And we have combs here, too.

Not surprising.

Isn’t Richard Simmons from Mass? That would explain the comb comment; can’t go home to your man sweetie with a bad pixie fro.

Um, WTH?! I cry foul here. No “demands” were ever made, nothing beyond a simple request.

See how unfairly and inaccurately we are portrayed? The shame, Mas. [-X

[size=55][Oh and also? I believe it was you who, just a couple of threads over, labelled some of us “cows.” You thus forfeit any right to expect us to upload our images, thereby inflicting our unfortunate cow-ness upon the poor, unsuspecting internet.][/size]


I think I will now call BS. That doesn’t sound like a “request”, more at demand with essence of challenge. ::sniff, sniff:: Ya, it definitely has that challenge smell to it.

I never said “cow”, that was Tab. The error is probably due to a low resolution monitor at a corporate establishment, I’ll forgive that slight overstep.

I absolutely love owls - all kinds. They are beautiful but then I love all animals.

I want everyone who reads this to take notice.

Be inspired by the cunning intelligence of the female, see how they not only tailor response, but wrap it, ever so gently, in a pleasing disguise, willfully intended to lead you astray of the contained meaning.

We might as well quit blaming the male leaders of the world for all the mishaps we pin on them; they are unwitting slaves to the female, just to their side. We control nothing, nothing at all I tell you.

Pawns to the Queen; the one who is free to move about, manipulating the entirety of the stage, virtually unnoticed, until it is too late.

As if its ever been any different. Again, you assume that I don’t take this to be the default operating premise of all interactions between males and females.

Shame arc, the shame of assumption.

Huh? I’m totally confused. All of that is being attributed to what I said above? If so, you’re giving me far too much credit.

In my simple mind, it’s relatively straightforward, there was no cunning or willful leading astray.

Tab said “cows.” Your response was “American females.”

Does that not suggest something, and pretty pointedly?

I daresay I’m not the guilty party here.


My goodness - this thread is a good example of evolution (adaptation) or at least of making lemonade out of lemons. :laughing:

Faust, you are indeed very diligent when it comes to mutations.


I THINK YOU STOLE MY CAT!!! He or she is the spittin image of my little cat, Yoda bear or Yoda May…depending on whether he is being a predator or demure. Except that Yoda has some pink at the tip of his nose and he is awesomely beautiful, Yoda is.

And that owl has to be looking at You, Mast. :laughing: What did you ever do to him??? :laughing:

Cownt on you guys to milk a slight indiscretion for all it’s worth when so little is actually at steak.

On the udder hand you cud just live and let live.

How about we change the subject…? It’s winter over here so it’s freisian in my garden at the moment. But I want to talk about my new gazebo. I’ve been growing vines all over it, with some success. Yes, I’m very pleased with my gazebo vines.

Moochos grassias.

:laughing: Did you built the gazebo yourself, Tab or did you buy it? Not that it matters but I was just wondering.I would love to see a picture of it if you can. What color is it? It must be very romantic especially with the vines growing all around it. Hey :mrgreen: If it were me, cold or no cold, I would be getting my early morning coffee, bundling up and going out to the gazebo to sit and ponder the universe and if it was still dark (even better) looking up at the stars. Of course, then you would have to strategically plant yourself in a certain part of the gazebo.

And what is it that you are doing at this moment in your garden - oh, you are on ILP. I know that you cannot be planting tomatoes. What do you usually have in your garden, flowers, fruits, vegetables?

Moochos grassias to you too.

=D> :laughing: =D>
[size=80][Beef-ore we change the subject, Tab, dairy say that your ver-bull talents are udderly moo-ving. Well done.][/size]

Damn - I can’t believe I missed ‘beef-ore’. And ‘Ver-bull’. Stroke of genius. =D>