Power, god, and love / hate of power

Many commoners today believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The only one that has absolute power is God.

But then they flip it upside down.
The highest power is the highest good.
God can do no wrong.
Everything God does is the most moral thing imaginable.

The bible paints a terrible picture.

This is a huge philosophical error in religion and human culture.

Wrong upon wrong arguments, ideas and conclusions.
Where can I even begin?

Maybe this is already enough.

If God hoarded his power or considered power hoarding to be good, we would not have free (power of) will to treat the other as self—and those who abuse that power (and their followers) would never be checked.

What if in a zero sum game, God stole most almost all, the power from all beings in reality. Parasite-God. What if that is why we are all so small and weak? One idea kind-of displays the other. The consequence. But this crap is just what-if. I’m sure the real gods are mostly benevolent, and sane. Jesus tried to reduce religious corruption. He was killed for it, but Jesus’ God was a father figure, not a dictator.

I refuse to acknowledge any being as a legitimate god who violates self=other.

Violating self=other is what is small and weak.

True power does not violate but sets free.