Power of Passion

I heard an interesting remark on the radio today, that people get very passionate about football, they will riot in the streets if their team loses but they lack any such emotion when it comes to Politics and the actions of their government. Why is this?

People act passionate about things they feel involved. Sports sell jerseys and do other things to actively pursue people to feel part of the team. Politics and governments behave in a manner of seclusion. They do not actively pursue involvement. Many people are pushed away from the activities of the government which causes them not to feel involved. Without this involvement the passion diminishes. It is not until the government moves into a radical manner that the people feel involved. Until something arises that the people feel will involve their lives they could careless.

The above and add to that competition. humans love to hunt and compete, its the feral animal in us that arouses such passions for competition. social order, is not so competitive. It arouses little passion because most folks do not care who leads them , they just want food water and shelter and all their bills paid, they expect leaders to assist in some abstract way in this. Obama and Clinton have come the closest to arousing passion in politics… It has become a sporting event thanks to the media. It has been quite a while for the US folks to have this happen. I say we put those two in a ring and let them really duke it out. My money would be on Clinton :-" :smiley:

It isn’t just sporting events though consider the amount of furor generated by tv events, pop idol and big brother (still the sense of involvement), this is all trash but still the amount of numbers that are watching this and investing time and energy ](*,) I’m just frustrated, people are fools! Maybe this post should be in the rant house…

That is because certain things have risen “that the people feel will involve their lives,” such as issues about healthcare, gas prices and others. Obama and Clinton have capitalized on these issues to manufacture passion. I, personally, do not think these issues are the government’s responsibility and have failed to be motivated even though they affect my life.

I agree Absurd, it is our life we should be responsible for our own existance. Most people would rather depend upon someone else though,it is soo much easier that way, you can always blame someone else if your life gets screwed up.

Ceadem, competition is not just sports, pop idol and big brother and all those types of shows are about competing. Our competitive nature is exploited by those that know how to manipulate competitive emotions in us. People are fools but, people are also bored stiff with their lives. It is for many people like this: Get up, go to work or school, come home do some work or a bland hobby, eat, watch TV, go to bed , then do it all over again, day in day out, year after year. Even in the poorest of nations people are in scheduled ruts. Probably the only humans that can not be controled by their competitive emotions are the most primative ones. The ones that still hunt, fight and farm to survive, like the tribes in the Amazon. Those folks there are still pretty much unaffected by the outside world. Technology does not exist for them, “civilized” society does not exist for them. Some tribes there are reported to be cannibals. We tend to leave them alone [-( . The more primative the person the less they are controled by the foolish side of competing. The primatives have to compete with nature to survive, for them there is no entertainment value. For us, competition has entertainment value.

People are not fools. It is a direct result of the abstract lonely world we have created. These are the only things that create involvement, as pathetic as they may seem to you. Passion requires involvement and our abstract world drives us to voyeurism. We observe the world through our spectacles without any true human contact. These events you have mentioned, as abstract as they still are, are the only forms of involvement offered to most.

I agree with you about our competitive nature and the exploitation thereof but I wouldn’t consider the indulgence of this part of our nature foolish but it is the ‘spectators’ who forsake reason that are the foolish ones. I’m not calling for complete detachment but theres got to be a reasonable limit to how much emotion is invested…

I agree that this environment which we have created can be lonely but I disagree that these ‘forms of involvement’ are the only ones on offer. I say people are fools to let themselves be exploited by such ‘forms’ when the cure to their loneliness may simply be to knock on their neighbours door, otherwise through this foolishness we perpetuate this system of exploitation…

The passions are manipulated by those that know how to trigger them. Its called marketing and Public relations, those folks are masters at pushing physchological buttons in the masses. You can’t get detachment until you get rid of manipulators. Do you know there is a specific color that can trigger our competitive emotions? I can’t recall it but, man, I am tellin you these people know all the tricks. They use these emotions for profit. Try getting between a corporation and its wallet, you will come back with a nub. They have invested highly in spectator emotions. The more passionate specatators are the more money they make. Corps. pay big money to do studies on human emotions and the triggers.

Sounds, colors, smells, words, all trigger things within us and folks take advantage of them. do you think that a rational human could really get that excited over a ball getting in to a net? Nope, some one pushed a specific trigger within that human. It was done with purpose. The human may enjoy the game with very little passion if there are no sounds, smells, words or colors to trigger the emotion. Think about the smell of popcorn. What does that evoke within you?

As you are right, my point is the abstract world we have created teaches society not to indulge in such activities. If the rain quits, I will go to the park as I normally do and sit there, more than likely not seeing another soul all day. The world our society creates teaches me to type you this message, and you type back. Even though it involves human contact it is limited. We are so immune to actual true involvement our passions rise in this limited format. I have not been here long but I am sure, as I have been on many other forums, passion will arise in discussions through this contact. You even mentioned that this should possibly be on the rant house demonstrating how our passions are in the abstract (yes this topic and communication borders abstract) not the concrete.

Kriswest is correct about emotional triggers. The foolishness you see is a result of our lives being wrapped in the abstract world we have created. When passions arise they seem foolish because our world is in the abstract. You are identifying the nonsense of such passions without realizing our world is comprised of abstract ideas.

It is not foolish for man to have passions of things they are involved. It is foolishness to live in a world that that your only involvement is in the abstract. Until we shift society out of the abstract and into the concrete the only involvement the average man will conduct himself/herself in is the foolishness you have described. As long as the society indulges itself in these things and finds their gratification of passions in them the money will continue to pour in and it will only multiply.

The need for passion will never vanish only the way it is released will change. It will always be demonstrated through the manner in which the society lives.

I came across a term called ‘reptilian hot-buttons’ or as you said ‘psychological buttons’ which is as you say the tool of the ‘manipulators’ there definitely needs to be more awareness of this in the public arena, but people aren’t really interested in who the puppeteers are…yet i’m sure all these people have strong opinions on what freedom means…ironic :unamused:

:laughing: Freedom is overated did you not know that? If you were actually free then you could blame no one but yourself if things go wrong. Much easier to have a puppet master, then you bear no responsibility. :laughing: Ahh followers, what would the masters do without them?

:astonished: Responsible for yourself, NEVER!!! Guide me puppet master!!!

Everything and nothing.

Masters need nobody else.

If that were true, then they could not be masters. They could only be

That is why they are masters dear Kris… :wink:


:laughing: yea, I get you, but, is a master a master if they never controlled?

Yes, of course! Remember what/that they are controlling _______.

You’re one smart broad… :laughing:

Beneath the superficialities of the puppeteers propaganda is there even a consensus to what Freedom is?

Thank you and it depends upon what part of the day it is :laughing:

I do remember, yet; A master must know control but, controlling does not make a master, ability to control does not make a master. A master is enslaved by what they control, that is a master. :wink: