Practical Skepticism

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  • Sacrafice oneself to dialectic
  • F- this; get drunk
  • Die
  • Find God
  • Other (Please Post)
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I would never call myself a general skeptic. I think its at the least ironic, and at the most self contradictory to be sure that knowledge is impossible. However, I do often find myself thinking that considering my expected lifespan and the parade of great minds that have gone before me, that I won’t discovery and great and satisfying truth in my life- beyond those that I have encountered already. I also tend to think whatever contribution I could have made to philosophy could be made by someone else later. This is where it gets tricky. Because if I step away from actively pursueing philosophy there is little change, but if all other in my position do- it almost halts any worthwhile human advancement. I suppose its a lot like voteing. If I stay home- no change. If every hippy philosopher stays home- well big change.

So what the rational thing to do with ones life:

Throw oneself into the cause of truth adding whatever one can.

Learn enough to say, f- this, this won’t help me. I’m getting drunk.

Hey this should be a poll.

Definately give one’s all to philosophy. We have to find truth before humanity destroys itself. Besides, philosophy itself may even stop humanity from destroying itself. So don’t just be a drunk bystander, SAVE THE WORLD!

Either do philosophy or die of boredom. According to confucianism, zen buddhism, and taoism death and boredom are the only two enemies of life. If you have quite a long way to go, either commit suicide or philosophize. Suicide, indeed, is seen by confucians as a better alternative to painful existence.

I’ve been thinking about that. Trying my luck on the old wheel of death- that why its one of the options. Of course that always leads to thoughts like, if I’m going to die- might as well do X, Y, or Z first. So its perpetually delayed.

Smart guy you are, Lostguy. So, obviously, philosophizing is winning you over.

philosophy has its uses, but its hardly somehtng to devote your live singlemindedly and whole heartedly to. you must achive a balance. i for one, find there is nothing more enjoyable after a week of school to go to house with some friends, listen to some music, get drunk and just generally enjoy life. simple pleasures

“I think, therefore I am.”

What is there to life besides thinking? If you cease to think and learn, you may as well go shoot yourself. Because you’ll be mentally dead regardless. And who cares if you don’t come up with a single new idea that could turn the philosophical world on its knees? That’s not what it’s about, IMO. It’s about an exchange of ideas. To me, it’s the basest concept of an exchange of ideas. Your idea may not be new. The person’s idea that is shared with you may also not be knew. But in the worst case, you both have something different to think about, and in the best case, the two of you together have formed a completely different idea out of the refinement and combination of both of yours.

You don’t dedicate your life to philosophy. You dedicate your life to learning as much as you can as objectively as you can. Philosophy should just naturally follow after.

Oh, and I don’t consider dedicating one’s life to philosophy a sacrifice. There is, I think, a reward of happiness and I bet when one understands a bunch of philosophy’s concepts they will feel contentment. That’ll be good enough for me.