Preaching/Propaganda section?

What’s your agenda here? :sunglasses:

Props and preaps

At what point does one cross the line from philosophizing into preaching and propaganda?

Should one respond to comments that are obvious attempts at trolling?

The one sided thing I totally understand - however - what about those threads where people are only interested in reading and not responding?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not seeing a clear enough distinction here.

Oh, you mean the type of stuff that might be addressed in an intelligent conversation?

Not in idle chat, no. If you have no beliefs, no ground zero viewpoints, then you have no skin in the game and all you offer is idle chitchat back-n-forth amounting to nothing.

I’m not so sure about this. Socrates took basically that approach, and there seems to be agreement that what he did amounted to something (evidenced by the fact that he is being mentioned nearly 2500 years after his death).

But I think I can see where you’re coming from. I want to call it “sincerity”: discussion has to be in some sense sincere to be valuable. Socrates might not have been taking a position, but I don’t think his method was insincere. One can play devil’s advocate sincerely, in an attempt to explore and better understand an idea or belief, and one can express a truly held belief insincerely. Do you agree with that?

Socrates was probably sincere in having his fun taking the others down a peg or ten. Philosophy seems to be a lot about ego rather than sound ideas. You can be sincere in being a horse’s ass. I think you must start with your own beliefs and bring those beliefs against opposition and see if they hold water or modify them to hold water or become enlightened through vigorous debate to eventually adopt alternative beliefs. When egos are involved, some would rather remain in their own dumdumville.

But isn’t it legitimate to say that I don’t know the answer, but I know that you don’t know the answer either? I think that’s a more accurate characterization of what Socrates got up to.

Depends on what is being discussed but saying I don’t know to everything isn’t very productive either.

Just police it like the police do…in the way that achieves the desired outcome and with no justification. Policing is super easy.

This made me lol.

I have absolutely no problem with the preachers and propagandists here since they all have something to offer the forum
I think everyone should post what ever they want to as long as it is within the rules regardless of what anyone else thinks

Several years ago a couple of pedophiles showed up and wanted to discuss pedophilia as “philosophy”. It was pointed out that allowing this sort of discussion would attract more pedophiles looking for “cover” and did ILP want to develop a reputation as a haven for pedophiles. It took a while, but the problem was eventually solved. Something that most members seem to forget is that there are a lot of lurkers that are also potential contributing members. How many want to sign up in a forum full of pedophiles? I’m sure that there are forums dedicated to pedophilia, beastiality, and other sorts of behaviors not generally accepted by most people, and it is most people that allow a forum to prosper. Is it about PC? No. It is about drawing a line that allows openess without running off the majority of potential members. We should all keep an open mind, but not so open that our brains fall out.

Extreme criminal and disgusting.

During the Victorian Era the people of the British empire were not allowed to speak about sex (except in the sense of reproduction), today the people of West Europe, North America and Australia - at least the white people - are not allowed to speak about politics (except in the sense of political correctness), but forced to speak about sex. In the case of sexuality they are now allowed to do whatever they want to, but in the case of politics it is just the other way around. So it’s no surprise that we have got more and more politicians who are sexually perverse, extreme criminal and disgusting - just like some ILP members.

Alf you must be someone who attempts to hide arbitrary judgements about people based on race and gender under the guise of political discourse. Political options are rarely silenced in the US. Bigots who disguise their bigotry under a thin veil of alleged political discourse may get called out. But generally, people who say their political opinions are being silenced are really just assholes who wish they could openly be hateful to others for arbitrary reasons. So grow up and accept that. We’re adults here. Those kinds of people are neither contributing, intelligent, or honest about what they mean.

Like look at the thread about how eating meat is good. Anyone with half a brain who knows the posters motives saw what that was about from a mile away. Why not find a forum of morons for that kind of stuff. It just doesn’t entertain, enlighten nor is it found to be engaging by adults with common sense who aren’t into the whole racial hierarchy thing.

So you are not able to grow up and want more pederasts. It is very likely that you are a pederast too. In any case, you are talking only about yourself here.

I was talking about facts. There is no problem with my, but with your post.

Read and interpret my post again. No, wait, it is hardly possible, for without any prejudice of a leftist racist who is not able to grow up, you are not allowed to do this.

And political options are silenced in the US, especially in the US, yes. Political correctness is an US product.

I’ve heard that the Swedes are way too PC as well. I wonder why?

They are all influenced by the US politics, thus also by the US political correctness.

I think this is a good idea.

I will explain in my White thread.