Prejudice and Suffering

The source of all conflict is our differences.

During war time, we dehumanise our enemies, making them less like us, which makes it easier for us to kill them. We have conflicts because we are different. Assuming we are essentially selfish, you would give yourself the best food, best cloth, best cars, best education. And you would give others second best of things. What preceeds “do onto others as you would do onto yourself” should be “make others the same as you”. When we become the same, can we “do onto others as you would do onto yourself”.

Friendship and love happens on the following scale

very different…different…not different…close…very close… same

You wouldn’t make friends with people who are very different from you, that differences is not only on a physical scale but also a psychological scale. Similarly, you wouldn’t treat those different to you the same as those very close to you.

We have differences physically, in sex, colour, age, but despite our differences, we can find common intellectual ground.

We bestow suffering on others because of our prejudice of others.


The real power is the ability to turn men into machines.

Master/slave - during beating. Master exercises physical power over the slave, for the purpose of hurting the slave. The slave exercise power of pity over the master, for the purpose of preventing master from hurting the slave. If the master stops beating the slave for he felt sorry, then the slave has won. Instead, the master should beat till he sees fit.

Personally, I would enjoy a world of people that where unique yet equal. This would allow for constant amusement, friendship, thrills, and generally good times. I would not want to be in a world of inferiors as that would mean isolation even if surrounded.

My selfish desire would be in a world of cool people.

Post resurrection.