What are so ashamed or afraid of that we need to keep things private?

I clicked on this thread wondering, “what in hell is Privary?” :smiley:

As far as privacy is concerned, I think people desire it for one reason mostly: to avoid the judgement of others. We are only ashamed or embarrassed because other people (i.e. society) tell us to be, so in an effort to avoid the onset of such negative feelings, we turn to privacy to keep our happiness. Also, depending on what type of personality you have (intorverted/extroverted), you will want a varying degree of privacy, as humans seem to grow weary of prolonged human interaction, and at some point will need a break from it.

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Well, this was in the politics and economics forum, so I’m going to look at it from more of a political stance.

Indded, there is often a clash between the people and the state when the people feel the state is taking away their privacy. Obviously, the individuals demand their rights to privacy, however it is often given up if the ruling party can give a powerful enough nationalistic plea, very similar to todays’ Patriot Act. However, I don’t believe that people are necessarily ashamed of something to want to keep it private. However, people feel that they should ha e a right to privacy regardless of whether or not they are committing shameful activity. From a political standpoint, in most all, including the totalitarian state, a totalitarian, big brother esque ruling party is portrayed as bad and an enemy to be fought to the end. People then fear a totalitarian taking their country, and so, realizing that the first thing to be taken in a totalitarianism is privacy, people will adamantly fight for their right to privacy.

privacy is for those that like looking up child porno sites. Besides that, there really isn’t anything them hackers can’t find about you.

zakley. as much as privacy advocates dont like to admit it. the people that really do only have anything to fear are thoes htat have something to hide.

I may have something to hid, but by no means dose that mean that there is something wrong with what I am doing. I could not want someone to know about my penny collection. So I want privacy.
When you get undressed would you like to do it in a room full of people? No? Then what do you have to hide behind those cloths of yours?
Another more political/economical answer to this would be:
I don’t want all the information about my new product out. If it was then I would have imitators before I ever put my product. They will know everything about it. That’s private.

So there are a few exsamples of things we are so

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‘knowledge is power’ - if there was no privacy, then people could find out anything they want about you, and therfore have power over you that you might not like. For example, companies would be able to target you more precisely and make it harder for you to resist their advertising.

Also data can be misused. If someone has detailed knowledge of you, then it is much easier to frame you for a crime. Or if you are bitching about someone to a friend, and that someone can access microphones and hear you bitching about them, they aren’t going to be very happy.

You may harbour some thoughts about someone or an organisation that if they knew you had, could get you into a lot of trouble. People do not generally enjoy getting in trouble.

Oh, such harsh words. “Ashamed” is a might pejorative, no?

I suppose I agree with Matthew E, though, for the most part. I’m a very private person. I can vividly recall not telling anyone the date of my birthday through grade school. I wasn’t ashamed of my birthday. It just wasn’t anyone’s business.

Not many people like being judged (though everyone likes to judge). I get judged by how shiny my shoes are, my drawl, how I write, my lexicon. By my use of “pejorative” and my misuse of “lexicon”. I don’t need to be judged on account of what’s on my hard drive, or who I call with my Nights and Weekends minutes, or what kind of undershirt I wear.

It’s a tough question. Sans Serif 12 can’t explain why I like my privacy. Or rather, the fingers typing Sans Serif can’t.

My Pops once said “Mind your business”, though. So I mind my business.