Procrastination: perfectionism or lazyness.

I was thinking about this, (as mind-bendingly original as that sounds). I never associated perfectionism with procrastination before, the idea was always there but the words were missing.
I never dwelled on it properly until i was shouting at myself in my own brain, annoyingly sceaming “Get the f**k up, your wasting time”, or in a constant flow lowering myself with silly thoughts and words. I couldn’t understand the illusionary barriar between me and what i was both needed and actually wanted to do.

Perfectionism causes you to feel a fear of failure. It puts more pressure on you to perform well. And when you feel a fear of failure, you’ll be less likely to make an attempt or take action because you’re afraid you might fail. The fear of failure will also cause you to make fewer attempts. For example, i was recently asked to design a cd cover, the description was very simple and i was giving pictures also to base the design on. Very specific and clear. Simple. I waited almost a month before i actually began the first sample. I didn’t dilly dally for that month. It was on my mind constantly, and any time i doodled on paper i would begin sketching small ideas that i had already crafted in my mind for the cd cover not realising what i was doing until after. When i eventually painted the first idea it had no links what so ever to the instructions i was giving. I felt much more comfortable painting in great detail an aged man standing in an open meadow: much more complex than a globe with two hands cupping it beneath in colouring pencils which i was originally asked to do. :unamused:
I had been excited on this mini “project”, despite the unenthusiastic musician who came to me, but that idea had to be respected. An image with such simple shapes, i was terrified to begin even a rough sketch incase it would look ridiculous. It needed to be perfect. I think the simplistic image made me even more anxious and feel pressured to get it exackly right.

I have also had ideas to write, that are based on moments i’ve recently lived that i consider to be nice. I can’t even begin to sit and write them incase i fail to portray all that they meant to me. Obviously they probably won’t have the same effect on other people, but even for me to read back on and feel them moments as i did.

I don’t consider myself to be a perfectionist. I think most people are with certain things for different reasosns, me included. Often i do things half arsedly even if i care for them, or that are worth doing, some times i think that maybe i behave in that way so i can’t disappoint myself or others with such an attitude, or maybe thats me in denial of my own lazyness. :confused:

I wonder, are you able to think back and forth with other people? I mean, can you express half-formed, poorly thought-out thoughts to others so that you can all brainstorm together? Or do you need to perfect your thoughts before presenting them?

I feel as though I want to answer

Ya we have brainstorming get togethers Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (depending)… :-" :blush:

Thinking back and forth, i do tend to do that. I don’t finish sentences some times or develope ideas either because i always presume people understand what i’m thinking or trying to say after awhile. I realise its annoying.

Maybe you’re not a perfectionist then? But I’m no psychologist…

my tendency to procrastinate stems purely out of perfectionism. i let my output define who i am in most cases, which is very unhealthy, but part of who i am, nonetheless. so, i find that i procrastinate, or delay/take extremely long to accomplish tasks because i loathe the fact that i’ll find flaw and fault in whatever i produce upon its completion. in my head, that imperfection reflects upon who i am as a person, and so i can’t stand when i produce crappy work because my output defines who i am, down to the last sentence. and i want to be ‘perfect,’ even though i’m fully aware there is no such thing. ideally, i wish i could be satisfied with all of my work simply for the fact that i created it, but unfortunately, that’s not who i am…

i know that laziness isn’t the case in my situation because i would bend over backward endlessly in pursuit of doing tasks perfectly, if i was guaranteed a perfect, flawless finish each time. in fact, do bend over backward trying to do the best i can routinely, but there has to be a very serious consequence ahead for me to kick myself into gear, (i.e. final exams, major term paper, possibility academic probation), because i know that by the end of all my toil, i won’t have my wish anyway, perfection. it takes a lot for me to get out of ‘why bother,’ mode. it’s quite frustrating, really.

i’m sorry for how convoluted that was.

If and when I procrastinate its pure darn laziness/boredom/ lack of any interest / not enough incentive/ not enough beer. Yep all pure laziness.

Haha Kris, it’s pretty much the same for me… I try and use that time to work-out, think ahead, and other such self-benefiting things.

:smiley: Its really amazing what things you can find to do when you don’t want to do something in particular :smiley: :smiley: Ahhh cleaning that toilet can wait, I really need to think of a better way first. :smiley: :smiley: