Can someone bring me up to speed on consumerism and why it’s bad?

To be able to consume, you have to make money. To make money you have to be productive. Therefore, we live in a producerist society and not a consumerist society. Producerism is good. It means we create things that are valuable.

people become addicted to buying new sueless things on a regular basis. they come to depend on producers who don;t actually care about the consumer, only about themselves.

consumers blindly piss away their wealth and better judgement for the pleasure of buying things which becomes not unlike an addiction.

Big consumer populations make it hard for the il-equipped to get an equitable share of things…

Yeah, but we enjoy the things we buy, and who is it for anyone to decide what should and shouldn’t make us happy? If it makes me happy to have a house on a hill and an expensive car, what is wrong with that?

cause you gotthose things at the expense of slaves in another country (and partly your own)

For the most part, it’s not things that we enjoy; it is instead the significance with which those things are associated. A consumerist society is an exponentially needy/incomplete society. This isn’t in itself bad, and it can even be argued that to need things out of an artificially induced feeling of incompleteness is good. It’s life affirming, where life is characterized by need, and death by a lack of need. It may make for unpleasant and unstable people, and I think it does, but from a broader perspective, it may just be a way of socializing, that is to say, leveling, a propensity towards life.

How do you see consumerism creating unstable people? Where can you find more stable people?

secluded islands and valleys of hunter gatherer tribes…

50 million people in poverty isn’t very stable…

people forced to work through debt also isn’t very stable…

Even in a small tribe of hunter gatherers there are still hierarchies and roles which people play. I don’t think you can assume that every person in a smaller society is happy with his role.

i can say that in successful hunter gatherer tribes, people are on average allot happier than in our society.

cultural differences span the entire spectrum. you can find patriarchal, matriarchal, polygamy, polyandry, cannibalism, passivism, religious, animistic, (peoples with no spiritual beliefs are unheard of to my knowledge).

I submit that you would be freer living on an island that provided shelter and food than if you lived on a policed mainland.

The freedom i’m after can only be found when an area is underpopulated. as it is you can’t find your own stretch of land anymore (unless you’re rich)

Happiness is a funny ting… very difficult to approximate…

No man is an island. Whether you live in a tribe or in policed mainland you will have to play a part somehow. The community or tribe decides the part you play. You can have a good part in a country, a bad part in a country, a good part in a tribe, or a bad part in a tribe.

One of the good things about countries is it offers lots of parts to play that you can’t get in tribes because tribes consume less.