proof of God ??? you decide and weigh in.

The mere fact that space and time is a side effect of matter. Well that is highly significant. One would assume that space and time should be constants. Yet space and time are caused. So what aspect of matter causes space and time??? Why not the creation of matter, from an all knowing God that exsists outside of space and time, and matter.

Significant evidence that anti God theories are wrong,… inadvertadly giving more clout to creation theories. The fact that DNA mutates to only lesser forms gives more clout to creation theories. The fact that Black Holes will stop feeding because they simply don’t have enough mass to reach the rest of the galaxy,… well that is a spit in the face to the big bang theory.

Yet no one is willing to even sugjest a God or Higher power. They find refuge in the fact that they owe nothing to God, and perpetuate anti religious zeal. They have no right to contradict God so arrogantly.

The creation theory even better defines gravity. How would you create something from nothing. Well, you create two equal opposites that if combined would equal nothing. Then you would also explain quantum fluctuation. Yet, quantum fluctuation doesn’t happen that much because there are several opposites divided into several different dirrections. And since they are opposities they are attracted to each other. Thus gravity strength comes from how dense this attaction is packed. If attoms have no room to breathe, then how much the energy has a chance to disapate is summed up by one simple rule, " double the volume and quadruple the size. Except it’s better defined as double the distance from the source and quadruple the amount this force is weekened by spreading out.

Seriously what kind of pie in the sky theory says we can bend space? Why not just bend the flow of matter?

Forget the all-knowing God part. Just tell me your theory on how we can know anything about anything – God or anything else – that might exist outside of space and time?

I have been called a god in bed before. Does that count?

I think this argues that the current scientific paradigm is much too exclusive, not that God is justified in the shortcomings of science. Science is flawed, and some of the evidence you point out here indicates that a rethinking needs to occur (yet again), but this rethinking does not necessarily facilitiate there IS God, just that there MAY BE God. Opens eyes, doesn’t shut the book.

Time isn’t caused, time is (a measurement of) cause, its a concept/doesn’t exist physically.

What causes space ? The laws that make up the 3rd dimension.

Guess not. :laughing:

faith builds logic.

I define the Holy Spirit as a residual effect that charges the soul into something simular of that of the innocents and purity of a new soul.
Then the Bible is used to rexamine the thought process you use. For logic can divide you from God. The good feeling I get from prayer groups and church goes away as I go down old thought patterens. God expects more from us then what we ourselves would expect. It’s a higher standard of morality. Like revenge can haunt your mind and weigh down your demeanor. We have to focus on good untill we find a way for good to prevail beyond the easier path of evil.

People feel God. As far as people useing God as a reason to kill (skizso’s),… the difference is that God is surrounded by a feeling of peace, and is a small still voice. You can tell a phrofit by his/her fruits. The phrofits that envoke revenge in islam, well their fruits only promote confusion.

Since we can only see the side effects of the soul. We can only see the side effects of God. Look at all the people who have been anoitned by the Holy Spirit. The utmost proof that Jesus was God. He brought to religion what only a God could see.

If time isn’t caused,… then why can we change it by manipulating variables that are higher in the hier-archey that is physics.

Proof of God is stronger in proving what God says is right. That’s why half as$ed science is tring so hard to contradict the biblical rules.

What biblical rules is science trying to bend? I’m so lost here man. I just don’t see science as being against religion. It seems like back in the day religion was the main social influence for alot of people, and churches were getting super rich, then science came along and started selling something else, not a new god though. Then religious fanatics have been lashing out at science ever since. It’s pretty rare that you see scientists getting up on a podium and screaming about how there’s no god. So why the hostility toward science? The context in which proper science occurs hardly relates to religion. If you’re talking about descriptions and predictions, and technology, where does god fit in? Are you saying that physicts are wrong because god can’t be reduced to a particle? Or that Darwin was wrong because there’s no way anything evolves because god made us this way and wouldn’t have made things to where they can evolve? I just think the whole religion/science debate is pretty retarded. Maybe you can tell me what I’m missing about it.


It’s embarrassing how much I can be the Last Man at times. #-o :blush:

For the record,

Put someone into a dream today! :D/

Precisely! That was what caught my eye too. That is the problem… a God that exists outside of space, time, matter, logic, reason… Nothing exists outside what exists… [-X

Monism is the truth, the way, and the life :wink:

It’s also refered to as spacetime by the way… not necessarily space and time as separate entities.

What if I remember the sexual actions quite clearly?

Can I prove my godhood then?

If I go track down this random woman from my past she could give a testimony of my godhood. :laughing:

but was she really random? Was she really a woman? :laughing:

The world will never know… :laughing:

Looks like this will be categorized under the seven wonders of the world. :sunglasses:

Wow that is so interesting!

No. Other way around. Faith is built on bits of logic.

What is that?

What is that?

For God is illogical. Logic can bring you closer to this understanding. :wink:

Is relative good feelings for you what constitute your faith? Are good feelings all you seek? Try extacy my friend. Though I haven’t tied it, I hear it brings ‘good feelings’.

How do you know what he expects? God is outside matter, space, time, logic, reason… remember?

Good in terms of what? Good for whom or what? Good relative to what?

People also feel his absence… hmmmm…

God can have no effects in a universe he is ”outside” of…

I see dead people…

Jesus was a man. A man is part of matter/space/time. You said God is outside all that. Therefore Jesus was not God. You proved it yourself.

No. He simply brought more religion.

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Posting like this is giving me ‘good feelings’. I can’t help it.

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Not proof, and a few holes in your reasoning, but a good argument none the less. Good work

How does science try to contradict God?
Every time it builds facts off a theory that goes against God. If the core of your understanding is wrong, then everything that stems from this core is equally wrong. Yet, scientists will sit and say we just don’t know the possiabilities that prove God wrong.

What proof of God is there?
We see the side effects of God. An example of how these side effects can be seen is in ghosts. In ghost sightings; they record cold spots, electromagnetic disturbances, and orbs of light that have no known source to emit the light. In this I have developed the definition that the soul is an energy independent of matter, yet has side effects in matter. But why does the church disavow ghosts exsistance? Because ghosts get stronger to the physical world with human interaction. Because ghosts weren’t alloud to get into heaven,… because their imperfection or worldly feelings that would make heaven not perfect.

The other side effect of ghosts (especially deamons) is how they weigh on your demeanor. Like wispers in the back of your head feeding the spirit of hate.

Yet psychics will use spirit guides, or demons haunting their being, in order to gain their imperfect psychic powers. A psychic could tell you that your spouce is cheating on you,… but a psychic cannot tell you what caused the cheating, how to stop the cheating, or even how to forgive.

Psychics have grown spiritually caloused enough to live with these “spirit guides”. While in the movie the Mothman Phrophacies, we see that normal people suffer side effects from listening to deamons (even if these deamons had good intentions). God’s presance will fill you with peace and love. Not deamons or shadow spirits.

Yet psychics want to take power away from God by giving people a placebo. It’s a strong distraction technique. Just like science is being used… a distraction from the cause to the side effects science proclaims. Why doesn’t science talk about how depression is a lack of hope??? When the soul stops stimulating the section of the brain related to hope, science then blames the side effects as the cause. These presumptions are baced on the need to have all the answers for ourselves, and be independent of God. But we are naturally dependent on each other and God. To go against this nature is to cause side effect problems. Witch are then written off with other presumptions.

The truth is all science knows is statistical facts. Yet it’s used to feed presumption.

Such as the core concept of God or metaphysical entities.

Wow… your proof of a metaphysical entity (God) is… metaphysical entities?

One or the other please Phil. It cannot be both. Just because you can say something, doesn’t make possible. You are saying to contradictory things.

Wow, you seem to know a lot about this stuff Phil.

What is the purpose or meaning of an eternal life?
Hint: trick question… The answer has to do with circular reasoning… a type of fallacy.