In the UK, prostitution laws are about to be reformed. I personally welcome the move, prostitutes will be safer and more free. Your thoughts?

More Sex = Good Thing.

Cleaner Sex = Better Thing.

Competition + Sex = Cheaper Sex = Awesome Thing.

And with the British’s record on dental hygene, toothless whores can now frolick freely in a land of peace and socialist standards.

I would also welcome such changes in the U.S., but unfortunately we are still embarraced about sex, and to uptight to let our kids know that we like it…

We love our money so much that we’ll let our neighbors starve before we’d give them a dime, but we’d willing pay to have sex with a skank…Societies not ready to admit that yet…

I am happy to admit it. I like Sex. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, i think the US is coming around on this one. Besides Sex and money are two things touted a lot on the boob tube here.

A legalized sex industry in the US would probably be worse than an underground one. To think of women giving up their bodies to the mercy of American corporations! [shudder] Besides, you’ve got feminists AND the religious right against it. Forget about it, guys…go get a massage.

Why do they all have to be Female, has no one seen Midnight Cowboy??? It’s the 21st Century, no reason why they wouldn’t available of some services. Of course any women who wants a shag just has to go out clubbing, as there’s always some desperate bloke ready to help out. anyway…

That’s got to be a first normally they’re at each other’s throats. But really, Jesus loved Prostitutes! And where would the Priesthood be without their services? Probable in a lot more trouble then they currently are. I don’t know why the Feminists our all up in arms??? This is what they fought for, women in the work place! A women’s right to choose what she does with her body! These are the things they wanted, so why now the objection?

While I don’t have any real objection with this, each to there own. But prostitution is all to offend used by drug addicts to supply the cash for their next fix, hence you get Crack-Whores, not a partially nice title for anybody. Not to mention all the wonderful STD that are out there.

But to some it up:

All life is a form of Prostitution, the only difference is how we choose to sell ourselves.

Is there any difference in selling your mind and selling your body?

You mean the US sex industry is completely illegal? Aren’t adult films available at most mainstream video shops? It’s hardly as if the pornography industry is oligopolised.

Not all feminists are against it. There’s probably a 50/50 split among them over it. As for the religious right…pah, there against everything.

Apart from the right to judge :wink:

Logo. I might say that there is already a sex industry in the US and that legalization might make it safer, etc. Women in Nevada get tested for STD’s.

Metavoid you are the ultimate politician and propagandist, even though i have a lot of left leaning tendencies.

Pax Vitae. Personally i think that would be a swell job, serving all of a woman’s needs. :sunglasses: :laughing: :unamused: :evilfun:

Heh, I could become a prostitute’s rights spokesman.

I think prostitution is wrong however the person that suffers from it is the prostitute. She is treated like a sex object, most of the money goes to her pimp and the enjoyment is designed to go towards the ‘customer’ so she gets nothing. Prostitutes tend to be drug adicts and their pimps sometimes double as their dealers. Prostitutes tend to be at the lower end of the social scale and within the job there is no way of getting higher again (like many illegal jobs). Thus I think it is unfair to punish the prostitute.

And if you legalize it all that will change!

Horay for law!

marshall, i was wondering about the prostitution law in nevada. i know in canada prostitution is legal, but soliciting or propositioning for sex is illegal. i thought that something similar to this was in nevada … and this ‘leagalization’ doesn’t really make that great of a difference from outlawing it.

jgfan wrote:

aren’t most/all women sex objects? i think hookers are admired because they are honest about it.

as for my stance, i think legalizing prostiution would be incredibly expensive and not something i would like to see public funds going to support. while i’m all for non-government interference in matters of morality, legalizing it will definety be an enforcement of what is really immortality.

a decriminalization would be a viable alternative.


Sooo, what is the difference between decriminalization and legalization.

Ok, time.

Legalize: To make legal or lawful; authorize or sanction by law.
Decriminalize: To reduce or abolish criminal penalties for.

Are you saying you don’t want there to be a “hooker license” as it would cost too much? How about the millions of dollars being spent on AIDs patients? How about the millions concieved and thousands of children born every year to careless hookers? How about the money it costs to jail prostitutes? How about the hospital bills, funeral bills, and muder charges that are left to the state because of unlicensed pimps?

The state should be in control of prostitution. It shouldn’t just be decriminalized because that still means that the process would still be in control of CRIMINALS.

It should be LEGALIZED. This is a volitile community. Sex is dangerous. People have proven themselves stupid. The state needs to have some say in the how’s and when’s of the matter, don’t you think.

Yes, spend $10 to save $100. Sounds like a more than worthy cause to me.

If you just reduce the penalty for prostitution, you open up a pandora’s box of trouble.

Let me ask you this, do you see hookers in suburban neighborhoods? If they are not told “when” and “where” to sell themselves, just that they can get away with it, you have major problems.

Decriminalization is not enough. Legalize is the way to go. Fix old laws by changing them, don’t just throw them out. Often times, they were there for a reason in the first place.

i don’t think helped you much, raf. decriminalization would usually lead to the prostitutes and johns being ticketed – like speeding on a highway. this would lead to the price of prostitution going up, legalizing it will make the price go down. any economics textbook would clearly show that the creation of a government regulated industry places a huge burden on government resources – but financial and administrative. and the state would certainly have to regulate it, as legalized prostituion would have to outlaw pimps/madames/etc.

it’s not about spending 10 for 100, its about spending 100,000s of dollars to endorse immorality. decriminalization would be neither an endorcement or a prevention, and would be the least expensive

Well, lets see…A few tickets here and there, or a multi million maybe even billion dollar industry taking in “sin” taxes…I wonder which would bring in more money…

Tell me, what is immoral about having sex?

They’re ticketed now. Ever meet a hooker who spent the night in jail? Judges are real easy on hookers, too.

What happens when you get one ticket?

Not much…

What happens when you get 100 tickets?

You go to jail.

This…is…their…profession. They will not be stopped by a ticket.

What you’re proposing is equivalent to a tax on pimps and ho’s, but with the short-sighted disadvantage that you can stop the income you’re generating by jailing the citizens who pay it.

Legalization is much wiser. I’m sorry if you see this as “endorsing immorality” but decriminalization does nothing for our current state of affairs, and legalization does.

damnit, Nihilist… too fast 8-P

Trix, how is prostitution immoral?

how is it moral? seriously metavoid, i expect a full post devouted to claiming that its is moral, or else i’m going to send jgfan over to convert you.

erica jong’s version of sex is that the person who gets pleasure from sex has the power. a prostitute does not have power but the john does – if she did have power, then he wouldn’t have to pay her. prostitution is a rare case where sex becomes absolute about this, the man wants to be pleasured, the women must obey (relationships are seldom this black and white, so don’t get scarred). does the women get pleasure from the money she recieves? i don’t see how this matters to the arguement; it is like saying that because you don’t like to drink vodka, you don’t like to drink. you can do both – similarily, the prostitute’s love for money is divorced from the mortality of the act.

further, john stuart mill wrote that a free man cannot sell himself into slavery because this is contradictory; the act defeats the purpose of him being free. i don’t see what’s more akin to slavey than being forced to have all your power subverted for however lengeth of time. a free women should not be able to do this. the women’s intent is not pleasure, but money. this intent leads her to sell herself, and become a slave for a certain man. because it is the INTENT that compels her to prostitution, not the act, it is contradictory for her to enter into the such deals. her liberty should not be taken away because she wants to earn a living. prostitution does this.

f.y.i. the feminist divide on this issue is closer to 80/20 against.