Psy. D Vs. PhD

I’m not interested in reading random facts on the internet.

Who has a PhD in Psychology, or a Psy.D? Do you find that you have limited opportunities with the Psy.D, in comparison to the Ph.D? Do higher paying jobs demand a Ph.D, instead of a Psy.D?

I got rejected by the Ph.D programs I applied too, so I’m going to be doing my Psy.D. Although, the positive aspect is that it seems more therapeutic-oriented and more focused on 1:1 counseling.

Any experiences?

I have two PhDs. The first one I got from a landscaper I worked for years ago. It was a gift. The second one I bought from Lowes a couple years ago. Its a little better than the old one I have.

But I think everyone should own a Post Hole Digger. You never know when you might have to set a fence post or something.

Now that was a good one.